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  College Documenting Alumni Leadership Success

Marggi Roldan
Director of Alumni Relations

The Sherman College Alumni Office is collecting data that documents alumni success in leadership roles, and we need your help. Alumni are invited to submit a list of personal leadership achievements in any of the following categories:

• Election to state or national chiropractic
  organization office
• Election to government office
• Appointment as college president or
• Appointment to a licensing board
• Serving as national accrediting body official
• Election to local, district or national office for
  civic/service organization
• Appointment to civic/charitable governing board
• Any other significant leadership position

While there is anecdotal evidence to support the statement that Sherman College alumni have served as college presidents, heads of national and state chiropractic organizations, elected governmental officials, on state licensing boards and in leadership positions in national accrediting bodies, the college is compiling formal documentation to support this statement.

To be included, we ask you to submit your information. Even if you believe that college personnel know that you are serving in a leadership role, please document your position by completing this brief online form.

Director of Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan says compiling this data will serve the college in many ways including its strategic planning, marketing, and development efforts. “I thank you in advance for assisting with this important documentation,” says Roldan.