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  Sherman College Faculty, Alums to be Highlighted at FSCO Annual Convention
by Executive Vice President/Provost Myron D. Brown, D.C.


Myron D. Brown, D.C.


Charlotte, North Carolina, and the beautiful Omni Hotel will host the 2006 FSCO Annual Convention. A unique theme, Chiropractic Through the Ages: A Success Formula for a Multi-Generational Practice, will bring chiropractors and their staff the tools and talents needed to move their practices into the future.

Doctors of chiropractic wishing to empower their staff members with the vision and enthusiasm needed to transform their communities are invited to bring the entire team with them for training, coaching, fun and fellowship.

Highlights of the program will be Sherman College faculty experts focusing on these special areas that cross the generations:

• Applied chiropractic technique including analysis and
  correction of vertebral subluxation in challenging cases
  with Dr. Bill Fehl
• Technical approaches to chiropractic analysis and
  adjusting with Dr. Joseph J. Donofrio
• Chiropractic for the younger generations with Dr. Ron
• Conducting a literature search for scholarly and
  research purposes with John Hart, D.C.
• Chiropractic heritage, a presentation on the thoughts,
  words and deeds of D.D. Palmer, with Dr. Myron D.

Sherman College alumni will also be in the spotlight in this exciting new program as Natalie Kurylo, D.C., and Shane Walker, D.C., present “Chiropractic through the Ages.” As new practitioners, they will present the issues and concerns of the profession as seen through the eyes of their generation.

Twelve hours of CE credit will be available, plus a special session just for the CAs. Other well-known speakers sharing the convention podium include Bob Braile, D.C., Judy Campanale, D.C., Heidi Farrell, Sharon Gorman, D.C., Cheryl Langley, D.C., Peter Kevorkian, D.C., Dick Plummer, D.C., and Shawn Powers, D.C. You won’t want to miss the banquet on Saturday night when you will share fellowship and be entertained by certified hypnotherapist, Kevin Lepine. For more information and to register, download the brochure.