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  Fall Lyceum Features IRAPS and Professional Success Program
by Director of Continuing Education Rebecca Clusserath


Rebecca Clusserath
Director of
Continuing Education

Something new has been added to this year’s Fall Lyceum November 3-5, featuring the International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS), making it a two-and-a-half-day event including a valuable professional success program. Three successful and dynamic chiropractors will share their ideas and strategies to help make your practice better than ever.

Internationally known success coach Tony Palermo, D.C., will kick off the conference on Friday with his high-energy presentation, “Refer Madness – The Keys to Creating a Referral Only Practice.” He will share specific strategies, marketing skills and advanced methods for generating quality New Practice Members. “When to ask for a referral is as important as how to ask,” Palermo says. You will leave his interactive session ready to request and attract new members to your office on Monday morning!

Palermo is founder of Get Back to Basics and The D.C. Personal Coaching Program. His 100-percent cash, 100-percent referral/members-only practice, which caters primarily to health conscious individuals and their families, has become a model for countless chiropractors.

Also presenting is Shawn Powers, D.C., an award-winning chiropractor, success expert, author and coach. Powers’ expertise has produced one of today’s most successful family practices. With that experience, Powers created Powersource Coaching providing self-development, prosperity and practice building resources to help others achieve their personal and professional goals.

Powers’ program titled, “No More Excuses, No More Lies: How to Grow Your Practice in the Real World,” is designed to teach participants how to get out of their own way, quit struggling or settling for mediocrity and start living a phenomenal life. You will learn practical nuts and bolts to create lifetime chiropractic practice members, enjoy success and make a greater impact on your community and the world.

Dennis Perman, D.C., also joins the success program at Fall Lyceum. Perman is co-founder of a personal and professional development company called The Masters Circle. A specialist in communication skills and personal growth technology, Perman gives chiropractors the tools for self-development.

“You can make your practice extraordinary and turn it into something to be proud of, when you learn to shape your beliefs, your thoughts, and your behavior patterns,” Perman says. He has authored numerous books, cassette tapes and CDs for the chiropractic profession. Among them are “The Masters’ Guide For The 21st Century Chiropractor,” and “The Master Plan - Live It.” Join Perman as he presents “Beyond Success: The Practice Fullfillment Quotient.”

Bring your entire staff to get even more enrichment from this Fall Lyceum event. Chiropractic students will enjoy an informal “rap” session with Powers and Palermo on Friday night. In addition to these great programs, inspiring philosophy and research presentations will be given by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Yvonne Villanueva-Russell, Ph.D., Joe Strauss, D.C., James Demetrious, D.C., and many more. You won’t want to miss this event, so make plans now to attend this spectacular weekend! For more information, log on to our web site at