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  New Zealand Alumni Gathering
Submitted by Janine Dobson, D.C.

Recently several girlfriends and Sherman graduates in New Zealand caught up to celebrate old times. They met at the home of Janine Dobson, D.C., a 1982 graduate.

The idea for the get-together came when Dobson met with Valerie Pennacchio, D.C., ’90, who is down under teaching at the New Zealand Chiropractic College. Pennacchio expressed a desire to catch up with Theresa and Lisa Dobson, D.C.s, ’96 and ’00.

The ladies chose a night when Lelie Sise, D.C., ’98, was visiting from the South Island of New Zealand. Frances Adam, whose late husband Lew Jones, D.C., graduated with Dobson in 1982, is also a friend of Pennacchio’s, and she – along with Lynnette Stewart, D.C., ’87 – completed the Sherman group.

The women enjoyed many laughs over dinner and desert. Their shared experiences over the years brought them together and the commonality of their choice of Sherman College and their time spent in South Carolina make them friends for life.

From left, Lisa Dobson, Valerie Pennacchio, Theresa Dobson, Lynnette Stewart, Lelie Sise, Janine Dobson and Frances Adam