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  Sherman Goes Digital: Radiology Department Conversion Begins in January

As 35mm film and VHS tapes slowly go the way of the 8-track, so eventually may x-ray films, darkrooms, chemicals and developers. Recognizing the importance of staying at the top of the technological ladder in chiropractic education, Sherman College has charted a path to the digital x-ray.

Beginning in January, Sherman will make the transition to digital x-ray processing. This $350,000 capital investment will not only be a great improvement on the college’s technological front, but it also will make significant improvements in the areas of course presentation, intern learning experiences and patient service and care. This investment is made largely possible due to the generosity of the college’s Regents. Total conversion will be complete in July 2007.

“Sherman students will be learning the newest technology available, both in x-ray courses and in practical applications as interns in our on-campus Chiropractic Health Center,” says Sherman Radiology Department Chair Laura Greene-Orndorff, R.T., D.C. “This is a great advance in both the information and convenience it provides,” she adds.

As is the case with other technological advances, the cost of digital imaging will soon be within the reach of the practitioner in the field. To prepare practicing chiropractors with the background knowledge necessary to approach this technology, the x-ray department will present a special workshop on digital x-ray for doctors attending Sherman College Lyceum 2007, to be held May 24-27 on the college campus.

Look for more information about digital x-ray and its benefits in the news section of our web site and in the next issue of Straight from Sherman.

Sherman Radiology Department Chair Laura Greene-Orndorff, R.T., D.C., in the x-ray viewbox room that will be converted during next year's digital upgrade.
Laura Greene-Orndorff, R.T., D.C., looks forward to the technological upgrades and enhanced teaching opportunities that the conversion from viewbox to on-screen digital x-ray analysis will bring.