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  January Success Colloquium Features Florez, Stokem and Gold

Sherman’s Leadership and Practice Management Institute (LPMI) presents its next Success Colloquium on Thursday, January 18, featuring sessions on practice management, personal development and leadership with Rick Florez, D.C., Bob Stokem and Reggie Gold, D.C. The program is held from 6-9 p.m. on campus. Cost is $35 for D.C.s and $10 for faculty/staff/students and includes dinner.

Rick Florez, D.C.

Florez will present “The Law of Attraction — How to Manifest Whatever You Want in Life.” Florez is a December 2004 Sherman graduate who opened his Café of Life practice in Spartanburg in February 2005. He contributes to the Making Love to the Spine seminar series and is an instructor of Concept Therapy, which teaches “the laws of life.” His program will show you how to utilize one of the great laws of the universe to create the life of your dreams. The secrets to attracting abundance, happiness, prosperity and love will be revealed.

Bob Stokem

In his program, “Nonverbal Communication,” Stokem will examine some of the functions and uses of nonverbal communication, looking at cultural and gender differences and focusing on several types of nonverbal communication, including body orientation, facial expressions, eye contact, touching, social distance, gestures, use of voice, use of time and more. Stokem has B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Albany in NY. With 20 years of teaching experience, he has taught courses on topics such as interpersonal communication, public speaking, intercultural communication, public relations and group communication.

Reggie Gold, D.C.

Gold will present “Where to from Here?” and will examine the importance of communicating lifetime family chiropractic care — not just to members of the practice, but to the broader general public as well. A 1957 Palmer graduate, Gold founded Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic, assisted in the startup of Sherman College, taught philosophy at three chiropractic colleges and has lectured at most of the others. He also ran a successful private practice at a time and place in which the practice of chiropractic was illegal.

The Success Colloquium is designed to engage regional chiropractors in perfecting the knowledge and skills of practice management. Through these personal development meetings, participants will advance their leadership and practice management abilities. These sessions are specifically designed to give participants great effectiveness in growing and maintaining successful practices.

More information on upcoming LPMI and Success Colloquia programs and speakers, including a downloadable brochure and registration information, can be found online at For further details, please contact LPMI Director Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., at 800-849-8771, ext. 285, or e-mail