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  Spinal Illustration Art Class Elective

The Spinal Illustration Art Class elective is being offered for the spring quarter which starts in April. This laid-back course is designed for the artist in each of our students.

“Hey, you might not be a Michelangelo; perhaps you’re more of a Picasso or even a paint-by-numbers artist – it doesn’t matter,” says instructor Bill Fehl, D.C. “This course enables students at any skill level to absorb the spine and its articulations, enabling them to SEE so much more of what you are trying to do when you adjust your patients,” he says.

Last month we asked students to identify the circular object in the top center of this picture.

The answer to last month’s quiz is fovea costalis superior, a rib facet.

Let’s see who can be the first to give the correct answer to Dr. Fehl’s challenge for this month. Students, be the first to tell him the name of the egg-shaped structure in the center of this drawing:


and win a $5.00 gift certificate to the bookstore or Sandella’s Café.