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of Sherman College.

  Regents, the Bedrock of Sherman

The Board of Regents is an extremely valued group of individuals at Sherman College. Founded in 1977, the Board of Regents is the important and necessary bedrock of Sherman College. The members of the Board of Regents are the eyes, ears, wisdom and voice of Sherman College. Their advice and guidance have been indispensable to Sherman’s maturity as an institution of higher education. Through Regents’ advocacy and support, Sherman College’s influence within the profession has been profound. Their commitment and generosity have been the major source, not only of improvements to Sherman facilities and programs, but also of inspiration to everyone.

The Board of Regents was instrumental in the construction of the E.C. Taylor Building and in Sherman gaining accreditation with the Council on Chiropractic Education (through our next reaffirmation process in 2011) and with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which is presently evaluating Sherman for re-affirmation through 2017. Most recently, Regent donations have helped Sherman College become the profession’s second college to have an all-digital radiology department.

Regents actively participate in many activities that give visibility and stability to Sherman College. Whether through speaking engagements, legislative and leadership roles, student referrals, financial support or simply by displaying the handsome Board of Regents plaque in their offices, Regents are an effective and vital group of individuals.

The past successes of Sherman and its future accomplishments depend upon individuals like you to provide strong leadership, guidance and financial support through the Board of Regents.

The college welcomes the following individuals to the Distinguished Board of Regents in 2007. Be sure to see the complete list at

• Gino Curcuruto, D.C.
• Joseph J. Donofrio, D.C.
• John Hilpisch, D.C.
• Cynthia B. Gibbon, D.C.
• David R. Ivey, D.C.
• Nicholas Wise, D.C.