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  Why Chiropractic? Why Sherman? Why Now?
By Robert Irwin, D.C.
Vice President for Enrollment Services


Robert Irwin, D.C.,
Vice President for Enrollment Services

Why chiropractic? There are a number of reasons people consider chiropractic as their career, life’s work or even their mission in life. Every quarter I ask the students in my class this question. The vast majority of them tell me they want to “help people.” A few answer they want to be their own boss, and make a good living. Some relate how chiropractic has helped them personally or someone they are close to and they want to be able to provide that service to others. Some tell me it fits in with their view of living a healthy lifestyle.

I have my own answer but that is just what it is, my own. I’m sure you have your own answer also. Now consider this: our answers need to be shared with other people who may have never even considered a career in this profession. By doing this we open the door of opportunity for them, which otherwise may never have been opened for consideration. In doing this simple act, you will have given someone a choice and a chance to grow and develop into something never before possible to them.

This is exactly what my chiropractor did for me. The late Dr. K.R. Jones looked me in the eye one day when I was in his office for an adjustment. He said “Bob, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?” I am sure I mumbled something like, “I dunno.” Then he dropped a bomb on me. “I think you would make a great chiropractor,” he said.

I was shocked because I never considered this possibility, even though my life had literally been changed by his chiropractic adjustments. He planted a seed in my mind, a seed of a possibility. Dr. Jones and his wife, Joanne, watered that seed from time to time with information and encouragement, and he became my mentor and friend.

Why chiropractic?
It changes lives for the better, that’s why! So I ask you to ask yourself and then someone else that you know. Why not chiropractic? What a great way to spend your life.

Why Sherman?
That’s an easy answer; it’s where chiropractic lives! I could list all of the reasons and fill two or three pages with topics such as; location, excellent faculty and staff, small class size, cutting edge technology in digital x-ray and thermography and on and on. The bottom line is, chiropractic lives here and when your student referrals come here to learn how to change the lives of others, their life will be changed too.

Why now?
This is another easy answer. The world of people with vertebral subluxation needs more chiropractors! Our profession has a huge job, and to coin a phrase, “the fields are white with the harvest” if vertebral subluxation correction is your crop. In my humble opinion, which is based on 28 years in this profession, being a chiropractor is one of the highest callings in life and one of the greatest services a person can offer to mankind. So, why not now?

Join us in securing the future of this profession and encourage someone to consider being a chiropractor. Tell them they can fulfill this ambition at Sherman College. And do it today and keep doing it. The future of our profession depends on you.