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  Sherman and Ed-Invest Partner to Advise Students:
Education Investment Management Sessions Underway
by Director of Financial Aid Kathy Wilson


Kathy Wilson
Director of Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Department is thrilled to be part of the new Education Investment Management program offered by our preferred lender, Ed-Invest. Debra Dupuis of Ed-Invest was on campus March 8 conducting these investment management sessions. Students in the third, ninth and thirteenth quarters participated.

The purpose of these investment management sessions is to help our students manage their student loan portfolios and other finances. Dupuis discussed student loans, private loans and credit card debt. Students even received a template to help them construct a budget. Dupuis stressed that students stay apprised of the information that is posted to their credit report. She suggested that they check their credit report at least once a year.

Because most students leave Sherman with a substantial student loan portfolio that also includes loans from undergraduate and private loans, these sessions are crucial in helping students learn to manage that debt prudently. We offered tips on how to use their deferments wisely and which debts they should concentrate on paying first.

The Financial Aid Office and Ed-Invest plan to offer these Education Investment Management sessions on a regular basis. By targeting students in different stages of their educational careers here at Sherman, we hope they will have a better understanding of their credit and their budget limitations and that they are better able to manage their finances and businesses upon graduation.

We offer a huge thank you to faculty members Bill Decken, D.C., LCP, Bob Irwin, D.C., and Claudia Seay, D.C., for allowing us classroom time to talk with their students.