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  Garren to Retire

Bill Garren, D.C.,
Associate Professor

After 30 years of service to Sherman, Bill Garren, D.C., ’77, will retire from teaching at the end of this quarter. Garren joined the Sherman faculty in 1978 and has taught Toggle Recoil I and Upper Cervical Contacts. The college hosted a reception for Garren earlier this month.

Faculty Senate presented him with a tile in his honor for the Honor Wall, and several students and faculty members organized a “21-toggle salute” in his honor. Check out the photo album here.

Garren’s colleague, friend, former classmate and practice (and fishing) partner Leroy G. Moore, D.C., gave a tribute at the reception. “In life you don’t meet a lot of individuals that are true friends who you know are there for you in any situation,” Moore said. “Bill is this type of friend. He is a person of integrity who has taken his family, his teaching, his friends and his practice of chiropractic very seriously, always striving to be better at whatever task he undertakes. I know my life is enhanced by having him as a friend and fellow chiropractor and I’m sure that many others feel the same.”

“To say that Dr. Garren’s contribution to the mission of Sherman College has been immense is an understatement,” says Executive Vice President/Provost Myron D. Brown, D.C. “When you consider the numbers of chiropractors who learned their skills from Dr. Garren during his long productive tenure here at the college, then to consider the thousands of patients each of these practitioners has served, Dr. Garren’s impact begins to become apparent.”

Led by Dr. John Porter, faculty and students perform a 21-toggle salute. From left are student Margaret Stower, Drs. Tim Allison, Bill Decken, Laura Greene-Orndorff, Bill Fehl, Joe Donofrio
and student Aaron Fisher.

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