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  Chiropractic Best Described as a Career in Fulfillment
by VP for Enrollment Services Robert L. Irwin, D.C.


Robert Irwin, D.C.
VP for Enrollment Services

Looking back over the past 30-plus years I have been involved in the chiropractic profession, I think of many moments and experiences that have made it all worthwhile – most of which can be summed up in the word “fulfillment.”

In this very fast-paced society, it is imperative that we stop and smell the roses along the way. To take a moment and reflect on where we are, where we have been and where we are heading. To think about the lives we have touched and the people who have touched our lives and helped us achieve the goals we have reached.

Now, can you feel that feeling deep in your chest? That feeling is what I mean by fulfillment. It is a sense of satisfaction that we truly are making a difference in the lives of others.

In this incredible profession of ours, we have many opportunities to gain fulfillment:

• When one of our patients tells us how their life has
  changed for the better, thanks to chiropractic.
• When the patients are babies and cannot tell us, but
  their families can, and we see the difference in how
  these little ones are responding to and holding their
• When we see someone’s face light up as we explain
  the chiropractic story to them.
• When one of the students we referred to our profession
  and to Sherman College tells us how exciting school is
  going for them, particularly when they start sharing
  their own success stories from the campus health 
  center experience. One of my favorites is when a
  student whom I taught how to adjust tells me of the
  excitement, thrill and awe she experiences delivery that

Please take five minutes right now and reflect on some of the fulfilling experiences you have had over the last few weeks. Now take five more minutes and share a couple of those moments with someone else – your family, staff or patients.

Then take five more minutes and e-mail me, and share them with me. I will share some of your moments with my students to inspire them to work as diligently as you did, to get to where you are, and to be as fulfilled as you are. Thank you for sharing the joy!