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  Honor the Significant Men in Your Life with an Engraved Tile on the Sherman College Honor Wall

In celebration and honor of our fathers, in our family and in chiropractic, a special section of the Sherman College Honor Wall will be designated for the installation of new tiles and unveiled on Father’s Day weekend. Take this opportunity to honor, pay tribute or memorialize a significant man in your life with an engraved message on the Sherman College Honor Wall.

Honor Wall

The Honor Wall is a handsome stone and marble structure that artistically depicts infinity. Located near the center of campus, the Honor Wall links Sherman’s past, present and future through its artistic design and inspiring messages.

Each green marble tile is eight inches square and will be laser engraved with your message and/or artwork and etched in gold. An engraved tile on the Honor Wall is a lasting and attractive tribute. Because the $500 donation for your tile will be designated to increase the Sherman College General Endowment Fund, your generosity will have a long-term impact on the college.

For more information, e-mail Marggi Roldan, Director of Alumni Relations, or view tile engraving ideas online.