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  Practice Management Elective Added to Curriculum

Beginning Summer Quarter (July 2007), a new The Practice Management Observation elective course will be offered at Sherman College. This course will incorporate field observation at pre-determined straight chiropractic offices with group discussion. The course focuses on practice management procedures including patient consultation, record-keeping, third-party pay and reporting, doctor-patient relationships, patient education and public relations.

Through weekly discussions and required journal submissions, this elective course challenges students to reflect upon their field observations and compare, contrast and evaluate these experiences with course readings and class discussion. The course goal is to assist students in developing viable, effective, practice management policies and procedures for their future practices through careful review of best practices and observation in the field.

Senior Sherman College interns who meet all the requirements may enroll this course. For more information, e-mail Vice President of Academic Affairs Jon Schwartzbauer or call 800-849-8771, ext. 285.