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  Sherman College... After Hours!
Prospective Students Turn to Bloggers and the Web

You’re a prospective student. It’s 11:00 at night and you have a question about chiropractic college. What are your options?

A few years ago, the answer might have been to give the web site a quick look, wait until the college opened the next day and make a few phone calls. But today’s interactive web environment offers so many more options.

Because Sherman embraces new technology, prospective students can delve deeper on the Sherman web site during non-business hours by viewing a short movie, scheduling a campus visit and tour, watching one of the college’s webinars, checking out a Career Day slide show, requesting an information packet, reading student profiles or gaining a true perspective of chiropractic college life by browsing through our student blogs.

Initiated in fall 2005, the student blogs provide prospective students with an inside look at life in chiropractic college. Bloggers update on a nearly weekly basis, and usually write about classes, clinic, social events and sometimes even their personal views on various topics (see Greg Walsh’s blog if you have a particular interest in sports; or visit Jaime Browning’s blog if you want to learn about juggling motherhood and college!). In recent months, bloggers have posted videos, slideshows and more.

Blogger Chris Ethridge recently tackled a tough question that a future Sherman student posted in his comments:

I just recently got accepted to Sherman and will be starting in July 2008. I just wanted to know of any tips or advice you could give me? Anything you would do differently or wish you had known?
Thanks so much!
Posted by: Melissa | July 17, 2007 at 09:07 PM

Congratulations on your acceptance to Sherman!
First of all, if you haven’t already had a campus tour, I recommend spending a day with a student – going to classes with them, getting them to show you around campus and the town of Spartanburg, and getting to meet and socialize with your soon-to-be peers. Anything that I would do differently??? ...hmmm...Yes, I would not have waited so long to come to Sherman. Chiropractic is truly a gift that the world has been given. Unfortunately, many people don’t know anything about Chiropractic, or worse, have been misinformed. I sincerely hope that you will develop a deep seated yearning to share this “secret” to better health with others.
Good Luck!

Meanwhile, fellow blogger Matthew Christopher celebrates an upper-lot parking space – the reward of being named Tour Guide of the Quarter by the Admission Office. So perhaps he’ll be the one to show Melissa around campus!