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  Sherman Bids Farewell to Unicorn

After reaching a consensus that it is time to change the college’s mascot, Sherman administrators, faculty and board members recently gave the go-ahead for a search to name a new mascot. The unicorn has been the mascot since early in the college’s history; it was chosen for its association with purity, strength and fierceness against evil.

Dean of Student Affairs LaShanda Hutto says students have become indifferent about the unicorn and have found it difficult to use as a mascot for the increasing number of Sherman community athletic teams.

“In most collegiate environments, the mascot serves as a source of branding and represents the prideful spirit of the institution,” Hutto says. “It is our hope that our quest for the new mascot will possess all of these things. While the unicorn mascot is appropriate if you understand the background behind it, current students want something that better represents the college today.”

Students, faculty, staff and alumni will be invited to submit nominations for the new mascot beginning in fall quarter. Stay tuned and check the Sherman web site in the coming weeks for details.