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  Alumni Trip
by Vice President for Institutional Advancement Susan Newlin

Susan Newlin
VP of Institutional Advancement

My husband Baron and I had the opportunity to travel to the Northeast in September and stopped to see alumni and friends of the college along our travel route (be sure to check out the photo album). Our first stop was in Kempton, PA, where we visited with Linda and Terry Persons (‘77). Linda served as Sherman’s first librarian when Terry was in school. Terry is in the process of remodeling space for his new office in Orwigsburg, PA. He will be the only chiropractor in town.

Next stop was Bethlehem, PA, and a visit to the current office of Regent Nalyn Marcus (‘90). Nalyn is also in the process of remodeling her new office which we stopped by to see. She plans to be in by Halloween. What a great space with beautiful gardens! Nalyn and husband Joe cooked us a fabulous meal with a recipe from the FSCO cookbook “Cooking with Chiropractic.” We ate outside overlooking their newly landscaped yard designed and installed by Bryn Holm Gillow’s (‘00) husband, Josh. Nalyn was named Chiropractor of the Year by Sherman College and Joe received the Lay Person of the Year Award this year.

We were then off to New England and a visit with Regent Alicia Crabbe (‘80). She graciously offered us her guest house as a home base while we were in New England. Her family practice is in Marion, MA, and Jennifer Eames (‘02) practices with her. Jennifer plans to buy the practice when Alicia retires next year. Alicia loves the sea and she and her husband, Bob, took us sailing on Buzzard Bay on her boat, Magic. We also had the opportunity to take a whale watching excursion and saw eight whales!

We took a day trip to visit with Regents Peter Kevorkian and Patti Giuliano in Westwood, MA, and then on to visit Raj (‘98) and Jenny Connors in Old Sturbridge, MA. It was Chiropractic Discovery Day and Peter and Patti’s anniversary. We celebrated over lunch after a tour of their home/office and extensive gardens. Raj and Jenny also have a very busy home/office practice. We would meet again at New Beginnings in NJ the last weekend in September. Peter and Patti were on the program and gave great presentations.

The next day we drove to Nashua, NH and visited the office of our newest Regents Cindy (‘94) and Ron Lanzara (‘94). They, too, are in the process of remodeling a building for their new office, greatly expanding their square footage. They treated us to a wonderful lunch where we were joined by Ron Lanzara Sr., former member of Sherman’s Board of Trustees and member of the Corporation, and his wife, Mariana.

Our next visit was in Keene, NH with Regents Ed (‘76) and Sandy Kwasniewski. They have a charming home/office and we were surprised to see Ed still had an x-ray view box built by my husband in the ‘70s! It still does the job. From there we drove to Claremont, NH, to visit Anthony (‘03) and Stephanie (‘06) Lanzara. We visited them at home with their adorable daughter Catalina and then took a trip to the office. Walsemann Chiropractic is a very stately home/office where the Walsemanns have practiced for 40 years. The plan is for Stephanie and Anthony to buy the practice when the Walsemanns retire later this year.

Our last visit in Massachusetts was in Amesbury with Jim Callahan (‘02). He is growing his hair for Locks of Love and says he has a lot of explaining to do. Jim was the recipient of this year’s Rising Star award and has a student, Kim Wheaton, in the fall class.

Susan Newlin, VP for Institutional Advancement and
Regent Mark Johnson, D.C.,

We left Massachusetts for New Jersey to attend New Beginnings. There we saw Regent Marc Johnson (‘79) who practices in Red Bank, just seven miles from where we were staying. So we toured his office and had a great clam bake at his home on the lake. The 300 clams were courtesy of one of his practice members. We also saw Lee Kronert (‘86), Annie Grimaldi Monetti (‘98) and Regents Ernie Landi, Skip George, Greg Stetzel (‘83), Judy Campanale (PS ‘92), Dick Plummer (‘79) Jim Hilston (‘85) and Beth Horwin.

The trip was fantastic! It was great to see so many of our alumni and friends. The offices we visited exuded the personalities of their owners and many were in the process of expanding. We felt welcomed everywhere we went and now have many more memories to cherish. See my photos here.