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  Argentineans Growing Family Chiropractic Practices

Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic faculty members are becoming increasingly sought after as speakers for various platforms as experts on leadership, success, family practice and of course, the philosophy of chiropractic. We are seeing this in the growing demand for our faculty for continuing education programs both here and abroad.

Sherman faculty member Dr. Tonine Gelardi leads a session on adjusting children

A contingent from Sherman recently presented a seminar on the Sherman Package Technique, Philosophy of Chiropractic, Leadership and Practice Success in Córdoba, Argentina. Sherman alumna and faculty member Tonine Gelardi, D.C., presented “The Art of Correcting Subluxations.” A gifted teacher, Gelardi called upon her extensive experience as a practitioner and demonstrated its application to family oriented practices. This Sherman Package presentation particularly focused on chiropractic care for persons of all ages.

Dr. Gelardi during a session on adjusting children

Cindy Pekofsky, D.C., another Sherman alumnus and chair of the college Board of Trustees, presented “Patient Education and Steps to Success.” Pekofsky, who is fluent in Spanish, presented methods for successful education of members of the public and systems for building a family-centered approach to practice. Sherman’s Executive Vice President/Provost Myron Brown, D.C., presented programs on leadership, philosophy and the objectives of chiropractic practice.

From left, Drs. Myron Brown, Tonine Gelardi and Cindy Pekofsky during the panel discussion

 The national chiropractic association, Asociación Quiropráctica Argentina, invited the college to make these presentations. Although Argentina does not yet have legislation regulating the chiropractic profession, the association has been working for a number of years to lay the groundwork for a separate and distinct chiropractic profession.

The Argentinean association has been studying the various approaches to chiropractic, and the group has identified The Sherman Chiropractor model as the paradigm that it believes is the most coherent approach in chiropractic. Members have been using the elements of this model as the ideal to strive for as they develop the profession in their country.