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  Japanese Delegation Visits Sherman College

A delegation of 10 chiropractors from Japan, visited Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic on November 11-12. The group was led by Dr. Mitsu Shiokawa, a Sherman College Regent. Shiokawa, is a 1972 graduate of Palmer College and the founder and president of the Shiokawa School of Chiropractic in Tokyo, Japan.

The highlight of their visit was a seminar presented by assistant professor of clinical science Perry Rush, D.C., on campus to introduce Blair analysis to the group. The doctors also enjoyed a campus tour including a demonstration of the digital x-ray analysis software by Director of the X-ray Department Patricia Kuhta, D.C.

Following the seminar the group (hosted by Dr. Myron and Charlene Brown, Dr. Mitzi Schwartzbauer and Dr. Perry and Vickie Rush) traveled to nearby Asheville to fulfill a special request. The Japanese contingency had heard of the famous Grove Park Inn and how it was one of B.J. Palmer’s favorite places. While in residence there, B.J. Palmer worked on at least one of the green books, and in his 1949 text, The Bigness of the Fellow Within, B.J. refers to the Grove Park as “the finest resort hotel in the world.” In that same text Palmer explained how the management had given him 10 days golfing and residence as a courtesy due to his notoriety. A grateful B.J. later plugged the Grove Park Inn on his WOC radio station.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the inn has been frequented by many other authors, notables and luminaries including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Harry Houdini, Will Rogers, George Gershwin, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elbert Hubbard and Henry Ford. The list also includes many United States presidents. The group enjoyed lunch with a mountain view and toured parts of the Grove Park Inn. In the Great Hall they found B.J. Palmer’s photo prominently positioned between the photos of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Completing their tour the group made an informal visit to see the chiropractic office of Dr. Perry Rush to see how a chiropractic office utilizing the Blair approach is run.

Another seminar has been scheduled to be presented in Japan. The program, scheduled for September 14-15, 2008, will feature Blair Technique with Rush; the elements of the Sherman Chiropractor presented by Myron Brown, D.C., and philosophy by Joe Strauss D.C.