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  Sherman’s Influence in Peru

On January 12, Sherman College was involved in a groundbreaking chiropractic event place in Lima, Peru. The Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance (PCA) organized its first seminar open to all doctors of chiropractic practicing in Peru. Fifteen doctors of chiropractic participated in the program on the philosophy of chiropractic conducted by Sherman Executive Vice President/Provost Dr. Myron D. Brown.

The Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance is a growing association of doctors of chiropractic headquartered in Lima, the nation’s capital. Under the leadership of Dr. Liam Schubel, the PCA focuses on the core values of the profession.

Reflecting on his experience in Lima, Brown said, “The opportunity to work with this dedicated group of serious-minded professionals was both stimulating and encouraging. They are all graduates of accredited North American colleges of chiropractic and as individuals, they hail from several different countries. However, they share a common thread in their commitment to bring a vertebral subluxation-centered service to the people of Peru.”

Although 15 in attendance might seem like a modest number, Brown says it actually represents the majority of known D.C.s in the country. Schubel expressed his desire to see high quality vertebral subluxation correction become universally available in Peru, and his organization has dedicated itself to that goal. Schubel has become a prominent personality in Lima, appearing on numerous local television and radio shows.

Schubel presents a plaque to Brown acknowledging the event.


Some of the doctors take a break during the seminar