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 Lyceum Programs Will Inspire the Fire

Earn up to 23 hours of continuing education credit with this year’s line-up of incredible programming Lyceum weekend, May 22-25. Here’s a sampling of what we have to offer.

Advanced Muscle Palpation: Because Nature and Science Should Agree
Nick Spano, D.C.

Communicating the Technology for Practice Expansion
Fred Schofield, D.C.

Neurology of the Subluxation and Adjustment
Marc Pick, D.C.

You Send Them – I’ll Serve Them!
Tony Palermo, D.C.

The Science Behind Vertebral Subluxation
Matt McCoy, D.C.

Chiropractic Unbarred
Dean DePice, D.C.

Biologic Concepts of the Vertebral Subluxation
Jim Demetrious, D.C.