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  Ambassador Profile: Bob Berkowitz, D.C.

Bob Berkowitz, D.C.

Dr. Bob Berkowitz has always been a great ambassador for Sherman College in his home state of New Jersey. He visits local colleges to talk to students about a career in chiropractic, participates in career programs at high schools and has hosted career nights at his office.

And he was happy, he says, when Sherman College formalized the Ambassador Program in the late 1990s because that step gave him and other volunteers who do career related activities for the college a consistent support base. He knows he can count on Ambassador Relations Director Leroy Moore and other support staff at the college to send him supplies, print material, guidelines and advice for successful recruiting. With such a program in place he knows the students he refers to Sherman will have a good experience as they explore chiropractic and their journey to admittance at the college.

Not long ago Berkowitz spent a part of two days at Middlesex County College, interacting with students as they investigated career and academic opportunities. He admits, “Even if I don’t discuss the specific prerequisites, I can tell them about making a great living and having a rewarding career in chiropractic.”

Berkowitz believes that any time you have a chance to talk chiropractic, your odds of another family getting under chiropractic care are increased. He also views his recruiting activities as a way to keep sharp in interacting with a particular sector of the population – in this case, the young.

If you’d like to join Berkowitz as an Ambassador for Sherman College, contact Dr. Leroy Moore, director of ambassador relations at or call 800-849-8771, ext. 220.