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  Lyceum Attendees Carry Passion Home
by Nadia Alley, Continuing Education Administrative Assistant

Nadia Alley, CE Administrative Assistant

Lyceum 2008, Inspire the Fire, was a weekend filled with inspiration, fellowship, celebration, solidarity, passion and magic. There were moments that brought on heated debates, laughter and even tears of joy. Everyone came together as a family and created a weekend that was more than a Sherman College event. It was a Sherman College homecoming.

“After being gone for years, I finally found my way home,” said Dr. Leslie Van Romer, a Sherman College alumna and Lyceum speaker. “From the synergy and genuine magic of old friends, new friends, inspired speakers, dedicated exhibitors, the dynamo Lyceum team, and Sherman’s new president (a rare true visionary with clarity of vision and purpose) to the staged magic of Justin Kredible, Lyceum 2008 was truly an exhilarating, transformational experience.”

Nearly 800 attendees basked in the improved Sherman College campus while overflowing classrooms with zeal. The new Lyceum format offered attendees time for professional growth as well as more time for fellowship and family entertainment. “This was one of the best,” said one Lyceum attendee. “There were good choices of seminar speakers. In addition, the entertainment for the families was very good. Thanks for a wonderful weekend.”

“I’d like to commend our staff and students who worked long hours to make sure Lyceum was a fulfilling and inspirational experience for the many chiropractors and guests who attended,” commented President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C. “We have had much positive feedback on the program enhancements, and that is gratifying. The energy on campus during Lyceum was positive, moving and palpable.”

Looking into the crowd from behind the scenes of Lyceum 2008, I saw flames of inspiration and passion burning in the eyes of all those who attended. May you all carry the flame with you and continue to Inspire the Fire. See you next year!