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 Going Global: Rush Presents Blair Seminar for 80 Chiropractors in Argentina  

Perry Rush, DC

Perry Rush, DC
Asst. Professor.
Clinical Sciences

Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences Perry Rush, D.C., recently returned from a trip to Cordoba, Argentina, where he presented a Blair Technique Seminar for 80 chiropractors.

“It was the most attentive group of chiropractors I have ever taught,” Rush said. “They were a great group and asked an unbelievable number of good questions.”

Sherman College has been helpful in assisting the growth of straight chiropractic in Argentina for several years. The group is eager to learn and in tune with straight chiropractic principles. They use x-rays (taken by medical radiologists) instrumentation, leg checks, and pattern analysis in their practices, according to Rush.

Diego and Perry reviewing materials

In addition to the periodic seminars that Sherman faculty and administrators have presented in Argentina, officers from the Argentina Chiropractic Association have taken classes at Sherman College to assist them in training their chiropractors.

Rush is scheduled for more international travel: this fall he will go to Japan to conduct a similar presentation by request of Dr. Mitzu Shiokawa, the president of a chiropractic college in Japan.

Perry in Argentina June 08