Sherman Shares is a monthly publication
of Sherman College.

 Sherman Represented at ABCA Convention  
by 9th-quarter student Eric Clark, Jr.

Six Sherman College students and a recent Sherman graduate attended the annual national American Black Chiropractic Association Convention August 28-31, 2008, in Houston, TX. The Sherman group included Anthony Witherspoon, SABCA vice president; Danielle Brown, D.C., past president and recent grad; Shavahn Whetstone, treasurer; Charmaine Herman, national student representative; Melissa Barnett, representative; LaKia Brown, representative; and Eric Clark, public relations.


The agenda was packed with various events such as motivational seminars, adjusting technique seminars, chiropractic role play, a tour of Texas Chiropractic College and more. The convention was held at the Hotel Derek, and chiropractors from across the country congregated and enlightened students on the importance of chiropractic and how they can also be beacons to their future patients with proper educational techniques.

The convention included influential speakers such as Dr. Chandler George, Dr. Terry Rondberg, and Dr. Jew Don Boney, among others. Students representing various chiropractic colleges attended the convention; in addition to Sherman, those colleges included Logan Chiropractic College, Life University, Life West University, Cleveland Chiropractic College and New York Chiropractic College. The convention was hosted by Texas Chiropractic College and the executive officers of the American Black Chiropractic Association (ABCA).

The convention ended with an extravagant Legends Ball in which doctors and students were awarded for their exceptional efforts in chiropractic and new officers were installed. The ball featured great music and exciting socialization between doctors and students. Along with the convention, students toured the “great state” and were awed by the beauty and massiveness of Houston, solidifying the famous quote “Everything is Bigger in Texas.”