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Students Get a Clue:
“What’s Wrong with John Porter?”


In the spirit of collegiality and improved learning, Associate Professor Dr. John Porter recently volunteered to play the part of the patient in a new Quality Enhancement Plan project titled Case Study Instruction, or CSI.

What's Wrong with John Porter?So if you heard the question, “What’s Wrong with John Porter?” we hope you weren’t too worried. Clues to Dr. Porter’s case were provided on the college’s web site, through e-mail, over the intranet and in student assemblies.

Student teams searched for clues to solve the case, and the top two teams were awarded cash prizes on October 31 during Sherman College’s Halloween festivities. The project was launched October 15 at Bagelfest – check out the videos here.

Porter’s case study and the CSI project are part of Sherman College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). During the next four years, CSI will involve improving students’ case management skills through using case studies in classes. Case studies require active student interaction with materials, which reinforces student learning. Because Sherman students have often found case study sections of the National Boards to be challenging, CSI was a natural candidate for the Quality Enhancement Plan project. John Porter

The Grand Prize of $200 went to Group 5:
Eric Clark, Jessica Tumblin, Shavahn Whetstone, Anthony Witherspoon.

Runner-Up Prize of $100 went to Group 3
Brian Filter, Jeff Franco, John Gilmer and Adam Keeler.

Check the CSI blog for details of the case studies submitted:

The Quality Enhancement Plan is just one component of accreditation, and it is an on-going project required of all colleges and schools in the Southern Association (SACS). The focus on continual self-assessment and improvement is a key to maintaining educational standards. The QEP focuses on an area identified by the college.

Case Management is targeted as the focus for Sherman’s first year Case Study Instruction. First year Case Management Learning Community members include Drs. Cindy Gibbon, Stephanie Johnson, Maria Michelin, Arlene Welch. These faculty members are engaged in an intensive instructional design workshop led by Quality Enhancement Plan Director Joy Gayler. Using tools from the workshop, the Learning Community will develop innovative teaching strategies using case studies. For more about Case Study Instruction and the Quality Enhancement Plan, visit the CSI web site.