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  Sherman’s Influence on Chiropractic in Japan  

On separate trips organized by different groups of Japanese chiropractors, Sherman College had a chance to make an impact in taking straight chiropractic to the world this year.

Japan Chiropractic

In May college founder and former President Thom Gelardi, D.C., and alumni John Degenhart, D.C., and Kenji Nakata, D.C., traveled to Osaka and Kyoto, Japan, to teach upper cervical chiropractic technique and chiropractic history at the invitation of Dr. Shoji Morimoto and Dr. Fumio Kaku.

Dr. Nakata served as an interpreter in addition to teaching. Degenhart chronicled the trip for an article in his hometown newspaper, and he commented that much was learned during casual discussions over meals. Gelardi spoke of B.J. Palmer, Lyle Sherman and Ronald Reagan as he related stories of the early days in chiropractic’s history.

Translator Takashi Shiokawa

More recently, Sherman Assistant Professor Perry O. Rush, D.C., traveled to Tokyo to teach Blair technique. Even though he traveled to Argentina earlier this year, Dr. Rush was ready for more travel in the name of chiropractic. This time at the invitation of Dr. Mitzu Shiokawa.

Dr. Shiokawa, the president of a chiropractic school in Japan, and a number of Japanese students and chiropractors visited Sherman last fall and were given a three-hour introduction to Blair analysis. As a result of that visit, Rush was invited by Shiokawa to give a Blair presentation to about 80 students and chiropractors in Tokyo. The two-day seminar took place in September and featured two additional presenters: Myron Brown, D.C., spoke about the history of chiropractic, and Joe Strauss, D.C., presented chiropractic philosophy.

Rush says the seminar was very well received, and as a result, future seminar events are being planned for next year. “Dr. and Mrs. Shiokawa are planning a trip to Spartanburg next year as a pre-event for bringing other Japanese D.C.s here for education about Blair x-rays and care,” Rush says.