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 Dr. Scwartzbauer Tells the Chiropractic Story in Bejing and Jinan University  
  Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer

President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., recently traveled to Beijing to participate in the World Health Organization Congress on Traditional Medicine and took the opportunity to meet with administrators at a college there to explore a cooperative endeavor to bring more chiropractors to that part of the world.

Dr. Schwartzbauer and  Dr. Raymond Wiegand met with faculty and students at the International School at Jinan University in Guangzhou. The management team of the first affiliated hospital with Prof. Tang Shuze and President Jon Schwartzbauer had a meeting to discuss the potential cooperation.

Dr. Schwartzbauer in China

After the meeting, Dr. Schwartzbauer delivered a lecture on chiropractic, and Dr. Raymond Wiegand delivered a lecture on Computer Analysis of the Alignment and Function of the Spine. The straight chiropractic philosophy of innate intelligence and vitalism mirrors the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Schwartzbauer learned that while many Chinese choose medicine for the prestige, there are too many doctors and jobs are low paying or hard to find. However, since there are fewer than 100 chiropractors for over 1.3 billion Chinese, adding chiropractic services to their skills would give these medical students a new avenue to support themselves and improve the health of the people in their communities.

He also visited Sherman alumni at the Hong Kong Chiropractic association before returning home on November 15.