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 Celebrate 35 years of
Focus ~ Passion ~ Success
by Marggi Roldan

Sherman College is proudly celebrating 35 years of Focus ~ Passion ~ Success.  Join our celebration with your donation to the Sherman College 35th Anniversary Campaign!

We’ve got

  • A new president
  • A new campus entrance
  • A new place for students to hang out
  • A new mascot
  • A new ropes course
  • A new text book

All this change is making Sherman a better place to educate tomorrow’s chiropractors and it is all made possible by the generosity of our alumni and friends contributing to the ADJUST Fund. When you make a contribution you become one of the many alumni and friends of the college whose Annual Donations Joining to Underwrite Scholarships and Teaching are helping today’s Sherman students get the best education for their future role as a doctor of chiropractic.

Click here to donate online now using our secure server. And many thanks to all who have and will help us celebrate our 35th anniversary with a donation. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving weekend.