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February 2009 Newsletter

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Quality Enhancement Plan: Case Study Instruction (CSI)

Sherman's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for the next four years is Case Study Instruction (CSI), which involves introducing students to the process of utilizing case studies in the classroom setting. Case studies require active student interaction with materials, which reinforces student learning. Read more

20 Aspiring D.C.s Attend Sherman’s Shadow an Intern Day

On the heels of Groundhog Day, Sherman College hosts its annual “Shadow an Intern Day,” during which aspiring chiropractors can visit campus and experience a day in the life of a chiropractic student intern.This year’s event, held February 19, gave 17 prospective students and four applicants (and their guests) the opportunity to observe patient visits, learn about the daily responsibilities of a chiropractic intern, tour the digital x-ray suite and more. Read more...


Employees Show They Have a ♥ !

When asked to show they have a heart for Sherman College, faculty, staff and administrators were quick to respond earlier this month. Employees who donated in January and February were invited to sign their name to a red heart and display it on or near a banner proclaiming I ♥ Sherman! Read more...

Judy CampanaleSpread the Word: Chiropractic - Write or Wrong

Writing can be a huge asset for the chiropractor and doing it well can not only attract new people to your office but also help you build the practice of your dreams. This class gives an overview of the different kinds of writing that can help you market yourself both in the profession and in the marketplace: research articles, philosophical articles and educational articles

Sherman is proud to offer Chiropractic –Write or Wrong: Writing for the Chiropractor, taught by Judy Campanale, D.C., at Lyceum 2009 to help you improve your writing skills. Read more...

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It's not just about blogging any more. Now we can connect anytime, anywhere. Read more...

Hit the Ground Running April 4 - FSCO & PSCA Program

Chiropractic Practice Growth and Development to Catapult You to Success

Chiropractic students can learn what it takes to get started, and DCs can get tips on achieving prosperity and consistent growth from these experienced and successful chiropractors. Read more...

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