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May 2009

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The Flower Principle

by Ron Castellucci, D.C.

One spring day, a young girl encouraged her Mom to drive a few hours away to see a garden. When they arrived they saw a hillside garden filled with thousands upon thousands of flowers, in what seemed like every color imaginable. The plaque at the entrance to the garden told of how this beautiful place came to be. As it turns out, this magnificent garden was planted by one woman who, over many years, planted just a few seeds each day.


Like the garden, success takes time. In our ‘instant messaging’ world, we have come to expect instant gratification. Stevenson tells us there is no process that does not require time. Practice success, like the garden, takes an investment of time, and like the garden, grows with time. So what seeds are you planting in your practice these days?

Here’s a simple idea that you can use in your practice to teach patients the concept of innate intelligence. Have a beautiful cut rose in a vase on the front desk. Write this on your white board: “Is the rose dead or alive?” After patients give you their answers, tell them this: “The rose looks alive; it smells great and is supple. Yet the rose is dead because it has been cut off from its life source, the roots!

Just like the rose, our health suffers when we have subluxation interfering with our life source.” Have fun, and remember to keep it simple and keep it straight.

Dr. Ron Castellucci, Associate Professor, runs a subluxation-centered, straight family practice in Horse Shoe, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two children

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