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May 2009

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Irwin Appointed to the CCE Accreditation Standards Task Force

Dr. Bob IrwinBob Irwin, D.C., Sherman’s VP for Academic Affairs, has been named to a Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) task force charged with reviewing CCE Standards for the accreditation of doctor of chiropractic programs. The task force will review all of the CCE Standards, section by section, and will be making recommendations for revision to the council. Council Chair David Wickes, D.C., appointed Irwin to this important task force in April.

“The purpose of the task force’s revisions will be to reflect best practices of accreditation in higher education,” Irwin says of the work that lies ahead. He says he’s honored to represent Sherman College on a task force with such an important job.

The proposed format revisions of the CCE Requirements for Accreditation of Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Programs will parallel the style being used by some regional accrediting agencies. It is intended to clarify what a doctor of chiropractic program (DCP) must exhibit and be doing to be in compliance with accreditation requirements, yet simultaneously grant latitude to the DCP to be compliant in accordance with each institution’s unique mission and program.

The proposed revisions, Irwin says, will also emphasize educational outcomes/assessment scenarios that presently do not exist in the requirements with respect to both the didactic and clinical aspects of the DCP. 

The task force anticipates the revisions will be ready for public comment sometime later this year, with final approval from the council in early 2011.

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