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May 2009

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Reizer Publishes Timely Book on Economic Crisis

John ReizerSherman associate professor and best selling chiropractic author John Reizer, D.C., has written and published his sixth book on the subject of chiropractic and his ninth book overall. Reizer, a 1986 magna cum laude graduate of Sherman College, says his latest book is a timely publication about the downturn in our nation's economy and how this scenario will likely impact the chiropractic profession.

Depression Proof Reizer says, "The books I have written, over the years, convey my personal feelings about important topics that directly or indirectly affect chiropractors and laypersons. My books do not, on the other hand, express the opinions or views of any organizations or institutions that I am affiliated with. I believe that this latest work is the most important material I have produced to date. The subjects I have written about, in this particular book, are timely, controversial, eye-opening and very misunderstood by chiropractors as well as by most people in the general population."

Reizer's new book,Depression-Proofing Your Chiropractic Career: How to Keep Your Business and Family Safe (ISBN 978-0-557-06042-9 Lulu Press, Inc.), touches on a wide variety of subjects and ultimately describes to readers how a global conspiracy has been placed into motion in an effort to manipulate the world's economy.

Reizer says, "There are very difficult economic times looming on our horizon and chiropractors along with other professionals will have to be prudent when making business decisions from this point forward. The opportunities for success will still be possible but business owners will need to become flexible in their thinking and ready to adapt to regularly changing economic conditions in the coming months and years."

To learn more or to order copies of the book visit the website

John Reizer, D.C., is the best selling author of numerous chiropractic books. He has been practicing chiropractic for more than 20 years. He maintains a private practice in Landrum, SC.

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