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June 2009 Newsletter

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Susan Smiles - 35 Years At Sherman College

Susan NewlinSusan NewlinSusan NewlinSusan Newlin 09

1974                -                1981               -                1989                -                2009

Susan Newlin joined Sherman College as an administrative assistant to VP Bud Buncher, D.C., in July of 1974, the year after our current president, Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., was born. Since that time, she has served as

      • Director of Admissions
      • Director of Development
      • VP for Enrollment Services
      • International Student Advisor
      • VP for Planning and Assessment
      • Senior Development Officer
      • VP for Institutional Advancement.

Susan has been a leader for Sherman College, guiding and assisting the college's growth for more than half of her life. When Lyle Sherman, D.C., spoke at the dedication of the Mark and Kitty Scallon Building in 1977, Susan was there. Sherman and Thom Gelardi, D.C., are at the podium in the background of the photo below.


"Susan was very often the first contact students made with Sherman, and the person who would remember them twenty years later at Lyceum. Through evolution, revolution and convolution she was a stable symbol of the steadfastness of Sherman for many students, alumni and supporters. Her husband, Baron (David), carved the big wooden sign that was in front of the college for years, and made from scratch the beautiful (cherry wood, I think) desk used by second President David Koch.

"When Susan started having babies, she installed a crib in her office and brought them to school with her. She was responsible for creating the first "Breastfeeding Friendly" workplace in the area. If she was busy, nearly anyone along the hall would pick up a baby and tote it around 'til she was free. It takes a village!"

--Leslie M. Wise, D.C.

At a baby shower given by the college staff, 1979, for Barclay.
Back Row (l-r): Winnie Rosaco holding Barclay, Margaret Adams, Brenda Honeycut, Sarah Bush,
Regent Charmaine Lanjopolous, D.C., Beverly Campbell, Holly Shocat, Val Penacchio
Front Row (l-r): Clark Brannon, Regent Pam Courtney, Susan Newlin,


"In the 22 years I have known her, Susan has been a guide, a mentor, a supporter, a confidant and a friend.  Her loyalty to the college is unsurpassed by anyone.  She has demonstrated this through her willingness to serve in some of the most difficult administrator positions - always adding and improving all that she touches.  And she has been willing to change hats and take on new roles or challenges whenever asked.  She's creative, thoughtful, generous, fun, insightful and intelligent.  She has taught me so much over the years and I will always be grateful to her for this.  She has the most wonderful laugh that has brightened many a day.  She has touched the lives of so many."

--Laura Weeks, former VP of Enrollment

Eula Sherman

Susan and Eula Sherman with Janine Dobson, D.C.

In 1995, Susan worked with consultant Neil Stern, D.C. (center) and Trustee Joe Donofrio, Sr., D.C. (right) to prepare the college for accreditation through the Chiropractic Council on Education (CCE).

Susan Newlin, Dr. Neil Stern, Trustee Joe Donofrio, Sr, DC

Not only has Susan worked to promote chiropractic through Sherman College, she has served as a consultant. Here she is shown with Regent W. Ralph Boone, D.C., our former Director of Research, who was then president of Southern California College of Chiropractic, and Janine Dobson, D.C.



Susan dances with long-time Regent Bill LaBarre, D.C., at a Lyceum Banquet.

Visiting alumni is a passion and joy for Susan. At the left are Davie Mamolen, D.C., and David Vorzimer, D.C., from Colorado. On the right is Regent David Courtney, D.C., in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

swan mercer








Susan with Clair O'Dell, D.C., and his wife, Martha, when he received an honorary degree.

Claire and Martha O'Dell

With the World's Tallest Chiropractor and Sherman alumnus, Torsten Stein, D.C.

Susan and Thorstein

Nalyn Marcus, D.C., and Susan at a Lyceum sock hop in the '90s

sock hop

Susan and Regent Judy Ross, D.C.,
member of the Pioneer class and current member of the Board of Trustees


Susan has supported all our leaders at Sherman
with her time, talents, mind and spirit.

Sherman founder Thom Gelardi, D.C., his wife, Betty Gelardi, D.C., and Susan at the dedication of the Atrium renovation for the Scallon Building at Lyceum. When Thom retired, Susan became the college's longest serving employee.

Dr. Thom Gelardi, Dr. Betty Gelardi, and Susan Newlin at the dedicaiton of the Atrium

David Koch, D.C., second president of Sherman College,
and Baron, Susan's husband and long-time Sherman supporter.


Brian McAulay, D.C., Ph.D.,was the interim president at the college between Koch and Jerry Hardee, Ed.D. He is now the Executive VP at Life University, and his wife, Jean, also a former colleague at Sherman, is a freelance writer.


Hardee, the third president of Sherman College, and his wife, Wyonnie.


The Alumni Oyster Roast held at Folly Beach in 2007 is a fun way to keep in contact with all our Charleston area alumni. Susan is at the far left, and President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., and his family are to the far right with Marggi Roldan, Director of Alumni Relations.


"Susan's never met a stranger. She develops a quick rapport with most everyone she comes in contact with. She's funny, interesting and well-read. She enjoys talking to people, and our alumni enjoy her company, the perfect blend for her role at Sherman. Susan looks for the bright side of every situation. When life hands her lemons, she squeezes the juice over oysters and enjoys a good meal, gaining nourishment and another good story to tell."

--Marggi Roldan

Thank you, Susan, for all you continue to do for us.

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