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August 2009

Sherman College of Chiropractic

Leslie Wise: My Retrospective of 35 Years at Sherman

Leslie Wise shares his perspectives on the college and life in general through this pictorial essay.

Les Wise

I was Palmer Student Body President 1974 before coming to Sherman.

Les Wise guitar

Here I am entertaining at the First Lyceum 1974.
Note the expressions of joy among the audience.

Les Wise

I miss the leisure suits and the substantial shirt collars.

Les Wise

One of my first courses at Sherman was osteology.
Here I'm planning for my chest crack 30 years later.

(Dr. Wise had heart surgery in 2007).

Les Wise

I still have that tie! Surely it will be back in style soon.

Les Wise

Skinnier days, better teeth.

Les Wise

Exposed pisiform and big hair...must have been the '80s!


ACC-RAC - Presentation on assessment of "attitudes" in chiropractic education.
This came with a "book deal." It was a big seller.

Peace Out, Dude!
Teaching and administering the college has been a large part of my life,
and I am proud to part of the Sherman Pride.
I have taught every single graduate of Sherman College,
including the current administration and faculty:
Porter, Decken, Seay, Boone, Donofrio, and Schwartzbauer.

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