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November 2009 Newsletter

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Chiropractic: the Best Fit for Lacrosse Official
Jennifer Eames, D.C., ’02

Chiropractic does not involve body fluids. That is one reason Jenn Eames chose it over sports medicine, dentistry and athletic training.

Jenn Eames, D.C. and Alumni Affairs director Marggi RoldanWhen she was looking for a career, student-athlete Eames wanted to work with people in health services. She was looking for a job that would both promote healthy living and allow her time and opportunity to explore her many interests, especially her favorite sports. After experiencing chiropractic care while in college, she found chiropractic to be the best fit.

Eames owns Marion Family Chiropractic in Marion, Massachusetts, a small seacoast town. Since she has joined the practice, it continues to grow and now includes three D.C.s. It has become the largest pediatric chiropractic practice in that part of the state.

As a teen and in college, Eames played many sports: soccer, basketball, team handball, and lacrosse. She first noticed the difference between chiropractic offices and medical offices while she was in college. The chiropractic offices generally felt more positive, she thought, with better energy. She saw good results too, which helped her performance. In her practice now, she meets many athletes whose focus on performance is supported by regular chiropractic care, which improves response times, healing rates, breathing, and the ability to make decisions quickly.

Lacrosse is not a common sport in the Southeast, but Eames helped to start a group based in Atlanta, the Southeastern Women’s Lacrosse League (SWLL:, and served as president while she was a student at Sherman. SWLL convinced her to become an official. “At that time, there was only one lacrosse official in South Carolina,” Eames says, “and two officials are required to be present for game.” As a highly experienced player, she was able to take a certification class to be an official, and that gave her a way to make some extra cash doing something she loved while she was still in school.  While at Sherman, she also coached NCAA division 1 soccer at nearby Wofford College.

Eames has continued her athletic career through her college and graduate work, and she still plays softball, basketball, volleyball and golf, as well as officiating women’s lacrosse all over the United States. She is a member of the board of the US Lacrosse, Inc., organization and served on the Athletes’ Advisory Council for the US Olympic Committee.

In chiropractic Eames is a member of the Massachusetts Chiropractic Society and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She has been featured on radio and TV shows, and has spoken with many groups in her community about the benefits of subluxation-based chiropractic care. She recorded an interview on the immune system and chiropractic with Sheryl Turgeon on Your Health Potential Radio. Reading several studies daily, she stays current on chiropractic research about chiropractic and various health topics, so she can answer questions from her patients. She presented a paper at IRAPS in 2001 while still a student, a study of the effect of leg length asymmetry and joint function on athletic performance.

Along with her athletic pursuits, Eames has many other interests, including travelling. She enjoys traveling throughout the US and world, having lived abroad, most extensively in Norway and Australia. She also gardens, growing many of her own vegetables in the short New England growing season, and doing almost all of her own cooking. Because her chiropractic office allows her to have flexible hours, she has time to play sports, read avidly (both fiction and non-fiction), and shellfish for local seafood.

She believes chiropractic is a job that can be recession proof. "It’s a business that will not be forced out by mega-malls or mega-hospitals," Jenn Eames says. “All businesses must work to attract customers, but it is the personal touch that makes chiropractic a wise choice for the self-motivated person who likes to work directly with people to help them regain and maintain their health.”

Chiropractic is clearly a perfect fit for Jennifer Eames, a multitalented woman of great energy and many interests. She is able to help her patients and enjoy a successful practice, all while living the lifestyle she prefers for her own health and enjoyment.

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