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November 2009 Newsletter

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Band of Brothers: Chiropractic Powers Across the Globe

by Charlotte Babb

A long time ago (1950s) in a land far, far away (Australia), a family lived and worked on a farm far from the city. They lived a simple life, and because of their knowledge of the innate forces of nature, they preferred chiropractic health care for themselves and for their five sons.

As the sons grew up, they chose different occupations for themselves, but each one found, eventually, that chiropractic was the career path that would lead them to their goals.

The second son, Gerry, was a long-haul truck driver in his late 20s when he decided that he wanted something better for himself. He packed up, leaving his home and family to go halfway around the world to Palmer to begin his training, as there were no chiropractic schools Down Under in the early ’60s.

A year later, Gerry encouraged his next younger brother, Lawrence, to join him. Gerry's enthusiasm for what he was learning convinced him that chiropractic would give him the health care career that he desired.  The next year, brother number four, Leon, who was unhappy with his accounting job was recruited to chiropractic. 

Kevin Powers
Kevin Power, 1978, fresh off the plane.

Kevin, the youngest son, had shied away from university because he worried that he would not do well, although he was drawn to teaching. While managing a disco karaoke bar at 24, he decided he needed a new career option. He too pulled up stakes and came to America, but by that time--in the ’70s--a new chiropractic college had opened up in South Carolina that focused on the original philosophy of chiropractic. On the advice of his elder brothers, Kevin enrolled at Sherman College in 1978.

At about the same time, the eldest brother, Dennis, was 39. He had tried farming, but gave that up to pursue music, and started a music school. However, when he saw how well his brothers were doing in their practices, and he, too, enrolled at Sherman. He graduated six months after Kevin. Both returned to Australia to practice.

After a number of years, Kevin’s wife wanted to come back to the states to be closer to her family. He also got a postcard from classmate Judy Johnson, (’81) who invited him to practice in Arizona if he should decide to return to the states. He took that as a sign that they should move, and they did – but instead of Arizona, they chose Spartanburg. 

Kevin started a practice and applied to teach at Sherman College’s on-campus Chiropractic Health Center in 2002. Shortly after his arrival, he accepted additional teaching responsibilities in the classroom, and had little time for private practice. But he found real happiness in working with students in Chiropractic Health Center and soon shifted his work responsibilities back to that focus, where he continues to work today. For the last six months, Kevin has managed a pilot project in the Health Center, a practice-based model for improved monitoring of interns and their patients. (See more on this in the Spring 2010 issue of Straight from Sherman.) Now he maintains a part-time private practice about 10 hours a week, and he works with the interns in the Health Center, keeping them straight.

He also enjoys classic rock and blues music, and he has played in several bands over the years. Currently he plays bass guitar/back-up vocals in a church band at a contemporary service. He also enjoys golfing with his sons, Joe and Matt.

For the last 35 years, the Power brothers have provided more than a million and a half patient visits in Australia and America, though the elder brothers have slowed the pace of their high-volume practices in recent years. Brother Gerry has retired and works part-time as his son Ben manages the practice. Gerry’s youngest daughter, Anna, is about to graduate from the New Zealand Chiropractic College. Kevin's son Joe will be joining the Sherman student body in the winter quarter of 2010, continuing the legacy of the chiropractic Powers.

Powers Brothes

All five brothers together in 1981 in Gerry’s office, in their hometown, Mildura, the year Kevin & Dennis graduated.
From left to right, Dennis, Lawrence, Leon, Gerry and Kevin.

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