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November 2009 Newsletter

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Research Department Welcomes Your Ideas and Projects

As the new director of research at Sherman, Pengju "George" Luo, M.D., M.S., Ph.D., along with assistant director John Hart, D.C., M.H.Sc., and research associate Lafayette Briggs, D.C., M.T., invites students, faculty and alumni to use the services of the department to develop the body of knowledge about chiropractic.

Dr. Penju "George" Luo Dr. John Hart DR. Lafayette Briggs

(l-r) Dr. Luo, Dr. Hart, Dr. Briggs

Research department personnel are eager to learn about the various research interests of students and faculty. Our job is to help you achieve your research goals. . Students who have ideas for research projects are encouraged to come by and discuss the possibilities, and even if they don’t have a clear idea what to research but want to help, Luo says he’ll happily match them with on-going projects.

Several projects are in progress on campus now.

  • Dr. Luo is working with research groups at Clemson University studying antimicrobial activity using nanotechnology with carbon nanotubes and fluorescent imaging using nanomaterials for location and surgery for cancers. Another project is working on the herb basil to develop nutraceuticals, including adding more nutrients and increasing shelf-life by eliminating bacteria. He plans to focus on understanding chiropractic techniques and becoming more educated about chiropractic research.
  • Dr. Briggs is working on stereoscopic analysis of co-planar x-ray pairs to determine specific coordinates for adjusting points for atlas-axis. Another project is updating information on the sympathetic and parasympathetic research using modern technology to measure effects of adjustments on pupil response.
  • Dr. Hart is researching tests that purportedly assess the neurological component of the vertebral subluxation, such as thermal scans and leg length tests. Another project is on ecological research, correlating the occurrence of natural background radiation with cancer mortality.  Dr. Hart will also be making a presentation to the ICA Philosophy group to promote in-office research.
  • Kevin Powers, D.C, is working on a pilot project in practice-based management for mentoring interns and their patient care plans. 
  • Pat Kuhta, D.C., and three co-authors: Beth McDowell Reizer, D.C., Laura Greene-Orndorff, D.C., and Perry Rush, D.C., are currently in the final stage of completing their research paper entitled “The Prevalence of Posticus Ponticus Within a Chiropractic Health Center Patient Population”.  They plan to submit this paper for publication to a peer reviewed journal in December 2009.  The study was completed earlier this year.
  • Dr. Rochelle Delain is a faculty advisor to a group of students who are studying the effect of chiropractic on hypertension in African-Americans.
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