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December 2009 Newsletter

Sherman College of Chiropractic

Attracting Chiropractors of the Future

by Admission Representative Daria Winnicka

Sherman chiropractors are a great group of people. Of course, I am probably biased, but working with alumni and supporters is something the Admission Office is especially excited about. In my travels as an admission representative, I’ve been fortunate enough to join forces with some of these chiropractors in the college’s mission to bring straight chiropractic to the world.

Daria, Benna and Josh

Daria Winnicka, Admission Rep with Benna and Josh Click, D.C.s

These doctors of chiropractic are experts in the field. They run successful practices and can offer invaluable knowledge to prospective Sherman students looking into chiropractic as a profession. Prospective students can sometimes become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of healthcare professions out there. It’s our responsibility to educate them about why chiropractic might be the best fit for them. This is where our chiropractors’ involvement becomes priceless.

Specifically, I’d like to share the story of two chiropractors, the husband and wife team of Drs. Josh and Benna Click, who have made a huge impact on the future of chiropractic.


The Clicks both graduated in 2006 and opened their practice in Grove City, PA, in 2007. Pennsylvania is one of the states I regularly visit, so I knew I would meet the Clicks eventually. My first encounter with Dr. Josh Click was actually at Sherman College, when he came back to campus to address our student body during an assembly. I introduced myself afterwards, we exchanged cards, and I knew that he and his wife would be perfect to meet up with when I was ready to go to Pennsylvania.

click office sign

This past September, I organized an information session with Slippery Rock University’s Exercise Science Society to share information about Sherman College and chiropractic. I contacted the Clicks to see if they would be interested in attending with me, and they agreed without missing a beat. We spoke to a group of 13 students and it was GREAT. The students were very interested in how the Clicks manage their practice and about what chiropractic really is, and they wanted to know more. One of these particular students, who is only in his second year of undergraduate study, has shadowed the doctors every week since!

The next month, the Clicks represented Sherman College at a Health Career Day at Grove City College. Shortly after that, I made another trip to Grove City and we hosted a prospective student dinner at a local restaurant. One particular prospective student and another alum of Sherman College (Dr. David Lippert) had a lively discussion about health and wellness during dinner. The conversation was amazing that night and everybody had a great time! Since the dinner, one of the students there decided he didn’t want to wait any longer to get started at Sherman, so he moved up his enrollment date, and we will be welcoming him to Sherman College in January! click office

A chiropractor’s advice, guidance, and expertise are essential in these situations. Students want to know that they are making the right choice and entering the right field. For these reasons, I am so thankful to chiropractors like Drs. Josh and Benna Click, who are willing to open up their practices and to guide these future chiropractors. Their warmth and obvious charm also help out. I cannot wait to host another prospective student dinner or information session with the Drs. Click!

Any interested chiropractors can help Sherman in reaching out to prospective students, and we wholeheartedly welcome working with you. Education is sometimes the first step in helping a student realize why they might make a perfect chiropractor! Oddly enough, prospective students sometimes don’t realize how important characteristics like lifestyle and job satisfaction are when researching healthcare careers in college. Chiropractors are the perfect people to ask about these benefits, and, of course, our Admission Office is here to help facilitate those opportunities. If you’d like to participate in or organize an event in your area, please e-mail me or call 800-849-8771, ext. 201.

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