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February 2010 Newsletter

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Tim O'Donnell and Natalie KuryloHearts of Sherman

Sherman is a family-oriented school, which may be why so many of our students meet their life partners here.  Some students, like John and Jessica Allen, actually got married on campus. On our Facebook contest this month, seven couples shared the stories of how they met, some of them at Sherman.

Jared Sargent met his wife when they were young teens. He tackled her during a football game to show her that girls did not play football. But she married him anyway.

Doreen Castellucci tells of meeting Ron Castellucci, Sherman faculty member, at Pizza Hut where she had to train him on his first shift. A week later, New Year's Eve, they went on a date involving a concert, missing jacket, and a lost tailpipe.  And they still like eating at Pizza Hut.

Karly Aslaksen Golojuh met her husband, Jaison Golojuh, while he was making Toggle tires. Later while she was bookstore manager, offered him a job in the bookstore.  After a lot of driving between South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, they were married and now live in Pennsylvania.

Thomas Kirby spoofed our contest with his story of how he fell in love with Sherman College and signed up for admission after a tour of the campus while he was a patient of then-intern Dan Lemberger. He still loves chiropractic.

Tamara Kulick Smarch tells of meeting Patrick Smarch on Halloween while she was making her way down Cardiac Hill in stilettos. They dated for a while, and then married, after which she finished her degree. A friend later told her that Patrick had pointed her out before he had met her and said, "I'm going to marry that girl one day."

Darah Stafford Cohen was homesick for California when she was introduced to some "hippy looking guy" in Birkenstocks who was also from her home state—Peter Cohen. After they graduated, she as a CA, and he as a DC, they married in Santa Monica on Highway 1. They practiced in Arizona for a number of years, and now live in PA.

Our contest winners are Natalie Kurylo and Tim O'Donnell who met in the hallway of the Scallon Building, over a conversation about in-line skating. He proposed at the end of his Infinite Principles presentation during Lyceum in 2007, and they were married on 08/08/08. The winners received matching Sherman sweatshirts.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories, and if you want to hear a good one, ask President Jon Schwartzbauer where he proposed to Mitzi.

Todd PicouNew Board Member

Todd A. Picou of Inman, SC, joins the Board of Trustees in March 2010. He is an entrepreneur within the health care industry who got his start as a nursing home operator in Louisiana and South Carolina. Picou is co-founder of Hospice Care of South Carolina, Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation, Executive Management Consultants, Allcare Medical, and Senior Care Consultants.

Picou earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Louisiana State University in 1988 and later earned an MBA from Gardner-Webb University in 2003. He is a 2009 graduate of Leadership Spartanburg and Rural Leadership Spartanburg. He currently serves on the Board of the Alliance for Care at the End of Life, a Washington, DC, based organization that works with the government to ensure Americans get the proper care at the end of their life; he is a member of the Leadership Spartanburg Board of Regents and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Public Policy Committee.

When asked why he wanted to serve on Sherman’s Board, Picou states, “Sherman College has a unique opportunity to develop and grow. I have watched the college from afar and see a great future. I want to be a part of that future.”

Sherman Student Represents SABCA at NBCE Conference

By Student Kiofa Clark

Along with student representatives of SABCA, SICA, SACA, WCCS, I was given the wonderful opportunity to visit the National board headquarters in Greeley, CO, on January 22. It was an honor to meet the members of the national board and their staff. During this time, I was able to get an overview of each member of the board’s job responsibilities and learn how they all come together to make sure we become competent chiropractors throughout the United States.


Registrar Attends NBCE Training

Gail Pittman joined registrars and disability coordinators from chiropractic colleges around the world at the headquarters of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) in Greeley, CO, in February for a conference on the registration and testing of chiropractic students. According to NBCE, the training goal of the meetings was to make their jobs easier and to ease the process of delivering national exams. Twenty-two registrars and disability coordinators attended from the U.S., Canada, South Korea and Australia.

Pediatric Chiropractic Seminar Sponsored by WCCS

Faculty member Ron Castellucci, D.C. presented a seminar on chiropractic for children on Tuesday, February 23. Sponsored by the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS), the program had three goals: to introduce the students to the art of adjusting children, to help students understand why children need chiropractic care, and to get students excited about pediatric chiropractic. About 30 students attended the evening seminar after a full day of classes, and since it was only an introduction, they worked on baby dolls rather than children.

“Children are not little adults,” says Dr. Castellucci. “It takes a lot of skill to adjust a child.” He also feels it is crucial that “the children of today [be] taught about chiropractic and its philosophy of health and life.”

Proceeds from the seminar will help fund WCCS delegates’ upcoming trip to Congress in Dallas, TX, a yearly gathering of student representatives from chiropractic schools around the world.  According to Dr. Castellucci, “Our students love chiropractic. They embrace our philosophy, and they really want to make a difference in the world. I believe they will.” Although he is not a club advisor, he supports the WCCS as an organization that gets students involved and passionate about chiropractic.  

Research Projects

Drs. George Luo and John Hart are working hard to encourage faculty and students to prepare and publish research on chiropractic care as well as other subjects. Some 27 different chiropractic research projects are underway in the health center, including five student projects studying the following:

  • chiropractic and diabetes
  • chiropractic and athletic performance
  • chiropractic and golf performance
  • income of people and chiropractors by zip code
  • chiropractic care of African Americans with hypertension 

For more information about faculty projects, see

For information about help with setting up your own research, conducting research or publishing, contact Research Director Dr. George Luo or 864-578-8770 ext. 279.

Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer Braves Snow for Big Apple-Palooza

Prospective students and DCs attended the NYC Shermanpalooza despite the winter storms that hit New York City on Thursday, February 24. The Syracuse event was canceled when the airports were closed, and Dr. Schwartzbauer was snowed in on Times Square for a couple of days. He was happy to meet with the New York Chiropractic Council, and he is looking forward to warmer, sunnier weather in South Carolina next week.

Shadow an Intern Day

Seven students attended the Shadow an Intern Day activity on February 25, 2010. Students met at 11 am for an introduction, and then ate lunch with interns Katy Hughes, Teresa Williams, Tommy Fugett and Michael Myers.

After lunch, Dr. Tim Allison spoke about the intern experience in the Chiropractic Health Center. The visitors toured the digital x-ray lab and Dr. Laura Orndorff gave an overview of the radiology program.  The highlights of the day for the participants are observing patient visits and seeing chiropractic adjustments.

Getting students to visit the campus has been one of the most effective ways to recruit students, and the Shadow an Intern day is especially effective for both visitors who are still making career plans, and for those who have chosen chiropractic and are looking for the school with the best fit academically and philosophically. 

If you know someone who is interested in a chiropractic career please share the dates of these upcoming events: Career Day on Saturday, May 29 in conjunction with Lyceum and Shadow an Intern Day on Thursday, July 29.

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