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Larry ROARS with Sherman Pride

ROAR with Sherman PRIDE!

by Director of new ROAR program Jaime Browning, D.C.'09

Jaime Browning, D.C.My name is Dr. Jaime Browning and I am director
of Sherman College’s Reach Out And Recruit
(ROAR) program. A native of Upstate South Carolina, I started my chiropractic journey as an admission counselor at Sherman. I loved the philosophy and passion so much that I decided to pursue my D.C. degree. I graduated in 2009, practiced in Easley, SC, and am now back to share my excitement for building the profession with my fellow D.C.s. I look forward to serving our ROAR members, so they can help encourage and mentor the future leaders of this great profession.

What is the ROAR program?

The ROAR program is for motivated and passionate doctors of chiropractic who are looking for an opportunity to help students fulfill their dreams. We are looking for dedicated individuals who want to mentor prospective students, shape future leaders of this profession, raise awareness and understanding of the chiropractic profession and education process, and help unify and strengthen chiropractic as a whole.

Why would you want to be involved?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Mentor and have an impact on students’ lives
  • Shape future leaders of the profession
  • Promote your practice
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the chiropractic profession and education process
  • Unify and strengthen the chiropractic profession

Want to learn more?
To learn more about the ROAR program, check out the brochure, visit our Facebook page or contact me at 800-849-8771, ext. 220, or

Sherman Runners Challenge the Palmetto 200

Palmetto 200 team

A dozen “Shermies” ran the Palmetto 200 race from Columbia to Folly Beach, SC, on April 30. Each participant ran three legs of the 200-mile journey along back roads and through small towns in the lower part of the state. Faculty member Mitzi Schwartzbauer, D.C., participated along with Sherman students and friends. Congratulations on your 7th place finish among 40 teams, Team Sherman! See more pictures...

 In a contest sponsored by CSG, Tiffany Padden won an ipod in a raffle to raise money for the entry fees and support materials.

Sherman and Mid Michigan Community College
Create Transfer Agreement

Daria WinnickaBy Admission Representative
Daria Winnicka

The student body at Sherman College of Chiropractic includes plenty of students from the state of Michigan. Sherman has ample alumni, chiropractors, friends and supporters there, too. Now we’re adding colleges to that list. I am pleased to announce that a Transfer Guide has been established between Sherman College of Chiropractic and Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC).

MMCC has two campuses in Michigan (Harrison and Mt. Pleasant), more than 60 degree programs, and roughly 5,000 students. Under the new agreement, students will be able to take their minimum 90 semester hours at MMCC, then transfer into Sherman College’s doctor of chiropractic degree program after three years. This is, and will be, a highly attractive option for students looking for a cost-effective, as well as a timely path to enrollment at Sherman College and to their futures as doctors of chiropractic. Look for more information to come out about the MMCC/Sherman Transfer Guide!

"Subluxation" by Jessica Polidan

Colorful Conceptual Paintings by
Jessica Polidan

Getting people to talk about the concepts of chiropractic is important. It's easier to educate patients when they are asking questions.

Paintings like this one, called "Subluxation," can pique patients' interest in the philosophy of chiropractic.

The pink shape with yellow stripes represents mental impulses flowing down the body from above in the brain.

The knot is the actual subluxation, impeding the information that the mental impulse is trying to get through to the rest of the body.

Even though the mental impulse gets through the knot, it is changed--nothing compared to what it could be. If all the information had gotten through correctly or unchanged, the body would be functioning at its peak potential.

The body is a wonderful unit which will adapt to whatever amount of information is getting through in most cases, but wouldn’t it be better if the knot wasn’t there, and the canvas was lit up with pink and yellow explosions of reaching its potential?

You can see more of these paintings during Lyceum. Maybe they could pique some curiosities in your patients as well.

See the Gallery of paintings on Facebook under Chirurious: Chiropractic Paintings that Inspire or email Jessica at

Lyceum Fireworks

X-rays, Photography and Chiropractic Education:
Sherman Student Nazar Kharivsky Makes the Combo Work

Nazar Kharivsky enjoys sharing the insights he has discovered about taking good x-rays and taking good photographs. He’s mastering both skills at Sherman, one in the classroom and the other as a new hobby.

 “For example,” Nazar says, “we know that in order to eliminate motion blur and get a sharp x-ray image, we need to have short exposure time. It is the same in photography: if I need to get a sharp image, I set a fast shutter speed.

Originally from Ukraine, Nazar is a 13th quarter student introduced to chiropractic when he came to the United States 10 years ago.  

See more of Nazar's pictures and read his story.

Book Review: How To Run A Cool Practice
by Professor of Clinical Sciences Leslie Wise, D.C.Dr. Steve Cagen

As one who has spent more than half his life attempting to prepare students for the vicissitudes of starting and operating a successful chiropractic practice, I am often asked to identify the one quality which will assure a positive outcome in this endeavor. My short answer is “people skills.” By that, of course, I mean people skills combined with clinical competence, compassionate and ethical service, all wrapped up in sound business practices.

My friend, Steve Cagen, has authored a slim volume that touches on all these elements of successful practice with a humorous and insightful tone, while getting right to the pith of a service-centered mentality. He serves up succinct pronouncements dealing with the simple but profound truths of altruistic commitment, but is ever mindful that professional success also means making a living, and having a little fun. His terse, one- or two-page chapters are very palatable and absorbable, making an easy read for the time challenged student or doctor seeking insight in short snippets.

Cool Practice opens with an interactive approach to creating a mission statement and setting personal and professional goals. Beginners often forget or forego these important aspects of starting a practice and are doomed to wander the endless labyrinth of books, tapes, CDs and seminars, seeking direction. Cagen deals with these essentials in the first 10 pages, reminding us of his alter-ego as president of Life Plan Systems, a company that publishes and markets goal setting and planning aids. He does not dodge the sensitive issues of dealing with difficult patients, dismissing patients and handling money disputes. In each case he takes the high road and offers sound, ethical advice.

Having a Cool Practice is about being authentic and communicating your authenticity with deeds and actions that will not be missed by your patients, your colleagues and your community. And while it is not your primary and overriding concern, the really big profits seem to follow the authentic chiropractor.

Research News

Dr. Laura Greene-Orndorff’s (Professor of Clinical Science, Chair of Radiology Department) article “Your Secret Patient Protection Agency” was published in Chiropractic Economics, Volume 56, Number 6, Pages 37-38.

Dr. Lafayette Briggs was promoted to new position as assistant professor in the Research Department.

Dr. John Hart’s research proposal is approved: Reliability of the Thermofocus Thermometer for Mastoid Fossa Readings.

Parker College announces Grant Opportunities for Chiropractic Researchers. Multiple grants are available and each will provide up to $5,000 of financial aid in clinical research projects. Letter of interest is due by July 1, 2010. Read more here.

Sherman student research proposal is approved: Cheneir Neely, Inter-examiner Reliability of Spinous Process Palpation of Selected Vertebral Segments (Dr. John Hart as faculty advisor).

New Members Appointed to Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB serves to protect human research subjects and comply with federal guidelines for experimental subject protection.

  • Mitzi Schwartzbauer, D.C., Chair (Clinical Sciences)
  • Tina Casey, P.H.R. (Human Resources)
  • Crissy Lewis, M.L.I.S. (Learning Resources)
  • Anthony Duke, Ph.D. (Basic Sciences)
  • Pam Hart, R.N. (Non-Affiliated)

Student Information: Changes to Direct Lending

by Director of Financial Aid Kathy Wilson

The new healthcare legislation brought a change to student lending. Legislation was attached to the healthcare bill for all schools in the United States to make a switch to Direct Lending. What this means for students is that they no longer have a choice of lender. Any subsidized, unsubsidized or plus loans will be issued directly through the Department of Education. Read more

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