Sherman Shares - September 2010


Michael LenarzMeet the Trustees:
Dr. Michael Lenarz, Vice Chairman

Chiropractor, author and consultant Michael Lenarz, D.C., of Mount Vernon, WA, joined the Board of Trustees in June 2008. His manuscript, The Chiropractic Way, (Bantam Books, 2003) was the first introductory book published on chiropractic by a major publisher.

Lenarz is founder of Health First Chiropractic, with numerous upper cervical offices, serving clients throughout Washington State, and co-founder of Dynamic Life Chiropractic, serving people in Michigan.

Read more about Dr. Lenarz

Charles KenyaDr. Charles Kenya Joins Faculty

Sherman welcomes Dr. Charles Kenya to the faculty as an instructor in X-Ray Physics and Spinal Biodynamics, as well as tutoring for biochemistry and anatomy. Kenya has led several dissection seminars at Sherman, and will be leading the Upper Cervical Academy Anatomy seminar on campus October 8-10.

Sherman has always had a special place in the hearts of Drs. Charles and Amilliah Kenya. 

“After being in practice for three and a half years,” Dr. Kenya says, “it is good to be back at Sherman to contribute to this great school that has given us so much.” He is glad to join a passionate faculty that has students’ success at heart. He feels privileged to partner with such great teachers, many of whom he feels indebted to for the knowledge.

Charles and Amilliah Kenya’s first visit to Sherman was the fall of 2001. They had just had their first encounter with chiropractic, which gave them a desire to know more. They found the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic very intriguing.

The couple went back to Kenya where they had been high school teachers for 12 years, but in the summer of 2002, they could not resist the desire to study chiropractic. They moved to South Carolina from Kenya with their three children and enrolled at Sherman in fall 2002. Sherman then became a home to their family. In 2006, the Kenyas graduated and went into private practice in Greenville, first with LaBelle Chiropractic and later Popwell Scota Spine Center, until joining the Sherman faculty. Dr. Amilliah Kenya is director of the new student tutoring program, as well as a member of the faculty.

See you at New Beginnings 20th Anniversary Celebration
Recruiting for Sherman College of Chiropractic

New BeginningsSeptember 30 - October 3, 2010
20th Anniversary Chiropractic Celebration
Ocean Place Resort & Plaza, Long Branch, NJ 24 hours of CE credit available

Honoring National Chiropractic Health Month
Save 20% on Honor Wall Tiles and Plaza Bricks

If you’ve been waiting for a special invitation to honor chiropractic and support chiropractic education, here it is! You can leave a legacy for less.

We are offering a 20% discount on bricks and Honor Wall tiles during the month of October in honor of National Chiropractic Health Month. Honor wall tiles, normally a $500 investment, are only $400, and the Student Plaza bricks are just $100. Get the Honor Wall form here, and the Buy a Brick form here. Don’t just comment on Facebook — carve your sentiments into marble or brick for posterity.

buy a brickmemoryPay it Forward

Tile 1tile 2tile 5

George LuoDr. George Luo Invited to NBCE Committee

Dr. George Luo has been invited to serve on the NBCE Microbiology Cut Score Committee.  Committee members are responsible for working with colleagues from other chiropractic programs to recommend a passing score for the NBCE Microbiology exam. “Dr. Luo will be an excellent addition to the NBCE committee, and he will represent Sherman College very well,” says Vice President for Academic Affairs Bob Irwin, D.C.

Larry Save These Dates

  • Adopt -A- Highway
    Wednesday, October 13, 11 am

  • Adopt -A- Highway
    Thursday, November 18, 11 am

Meet in front of the Olsen Building.  Please sign up in the Student Affairs Office #18B (Shay’s) or the sheet located on the club board in the cafe. Keep Sherman and Springfield Road beautiful. All volunteers appreciated!

Joe BoggsDr. Joe Boggs,
50th Member of R.O.A.R. for Sherman

Joe Boggs, D.C., ’07, always wanted a health care career. As an athlete dating a woman from a chiropractic family, Joe fell in love with chiropractic. He worked with his wife’s family and saw the benefits of chiropractic first hand.

“I’d love to see more enthusiastic health-conscious young people get into chiropractic for the right reasons,” says Boggs. “I joined the ROAR program because I want to do my part to make that happen.”

In addition to his practice, Boggs attends MLS Adjusting Seminars held by Arno Burnier, D.C., ‘77, and even helps teach some of the classes. He also listens to audio guides and enjoys reading to expand his knowledge of chiropractic. Learning something new every day about having a better practice is one of his goals.

To learn more about the ROAR program, go to, e-mail or call 800-849-8771, ext. 220.

insuranceAlumni Life Insurance:
What’s your Financial Plan?

Do you have the right amount of coverage? Visit our Alumni Insurance Program web site for newly added videos showing how important having life insurance can be for your loved ones and information that shows why life insurance is such an important part of your financial plan. 

Visit our web site for new real life videos and information that shows why it’s so important to include life insurance in your financial planning as well as a Needs Calculator that will help you determine the proper coverage amount. 


new mural

New Mural in Olsen Fitness Center

Jessica Polidan, whom you may remember from Lyceum 2010, where she sold her chiropractic paintings in the exhibit hall, has painted a mural of Sherman PRIDE in the Olsen Fitness Center, an inspiration for everyone who comes in to work out. Read about Jessica.

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November 12-13:
Pride of Sherman Tour

The Pride of Sherman Tour will be November 12-13 on the Sherman campus.  If you know someone who is interested in a chiropractic career please tell them about this event or send their information to the Admission Office at

Are you ROARing for Sherman?

ROARing on the Road
Sherman thanks the following D.C.s who scheduled ROAR events in their hometowns:

9/29 Brian Dooley (SC)
Clemson CAFLS Career Fair & Alpha Epsilon Delta Clemson Chapter

9/29 Todd Riddle (SC)
Wofford Law & Grad School Fair

10/5 Steve Niemiec / Kevin Phalen (NY)
Buffalo State College Grad Fair

10/11 Jillian Kersh (PA)
PACAC East Stroudsburg University College Fair

10/12-13 Josh & Benna Click (PA) Grove City Health Professions Fair (10/12) & Career Fair (10/13)

10/14 Chris Hawkins (MI)
Grand Valley State Grad Fair

10/20 Adam Hall (SC)
Citadel Career Fair

10/20 Bethaney Lawson (OH)
Ohio State Grad/Professional Expo

10/21 Loren Barisch (PA)
Bucknell University Health Professions Fair

10/21 Alan Brewster (NJ)
Ramapo College Graduate & Professional School Day

10/21 Adam Hall (SC)
College of Charleston Career Fair

10/26 Levi Pulver (MI)
Grand Haven High School Career Fair

10/27 Erik Beauvais (SC)
University of South Carolina Upstate Health Professionals Club

Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers
Accepting Candidates

The Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers is a one year program and serves as the first year of study towards the Diplomate in Chiropractic Philosophical Standards (DPhCS). Tentative dates are Nov 20-21, 2010, and Jan 15-16, Apr 16-17, Jul 16-17 and Nov 4-6, 2011. If there is enough interest, four live modules will meet in the Minneapolis area with the final module and graduation held on Sherman’s campus. Download the registration form at
Contact Missy Sandor, 800-849-8771 x. 229 ~ “Like” ACP page on Facebook


Triple Header Weekend Details

International Research and Philosophy Symposium

October 9-10, 2010
IRAPS Schedule here

Meeting of the Minds VII

October 9-10, 2010

Upper Cervical Academy
Core Seminar 3
October 8-9, 2010


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Luke planting flowers
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