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New Beginnings Student Club Celebrates Chiropractic

by Sherman student Diane Schroeder

Six Sherman students, sponsored by New Beginnings, were fortunate to experience the group’s conference first hand in New Jersey September 30-October 2 during the college’s fall break: Sandy Martin, Vanessa Watkins, Katelyn Niemiec, Matt and Jen Santos and Diane Schroeder. The strong support for Sherman College at New Beginnings was impressive and inspiring. Many of the speakers referred to the value of the chiropractic education students receive at Sherman.   

Sherman President Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer, Philosophy Chair Dr. Bill Decken and Trustee and Regent Dr. Liam Schubel each presented. Drs. Reggie Gold, Billy DeMoss, Arno Burnier, Jeannie Ohm and Sharon Gorman and others also did their part to enthuse and inspire.  As a whole, the conference was about being true to the cause of chiropractic. It was about identifying and forging your own chiropractic path along with those already on their way. It is about carrying the flame forward!

Meeting four times a year for the past 20 years, The New Beginnings organization is founded in fellowship, philosophy and the love of chiropractic. It embraces mentoring, the Green Books and Spizzerinctum! It is about standing tall and shoulder to shoulder with the great in heart, mind and spirit.

The New Beginnings Conference was definitely an event to plan a return to. The New Beginnings Club on campus hopes to be a place for students to come for inspiration as well. The Sherman New Beginnings Club carries forward the enthusiasm of the national New Beginnings organization. The club arranges teleconference calls with D.C.s in the field for students to chat directly with them about philosophy, the Green Books and our future profession. There is a shared camaraderie and encouragement that brings our purpose to the forefront in the midst of intense coursework.

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