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Judy RossMeet the Trustees:
Judy Ross, B.S., M.A., D.C.

Pioneer Class member Judy K. Ross, ’76, moved from arranging spines on a shelf to adjusting spines on a table. Before becoming a doctor of chiropractic, she was a high school librarian, and she still enjoys mysteries and lighthearted reading after a long day at the office. Along with her husband, Norm Ross, and her brother, Rick Keim, ’77, she has a low-fee, cash practice open seven days a week in Goshen, IN. She specializes in upper cervical work and adjusting children.

Beginning her leadership for Sherman and for the chiropractic profession in 1976, Ross testified before a Senate committee in Columbia, SC, for licensing Sherman graduates. She worked with Karen Jennings, David Brewster and Norm Ross to open the state of Indiana to Sherman graduates, and in 1977, she testified before the New Hampshire legislature on behalf of Sherman College.

Ross believes that education is the key to success for every individual. “Having attended National College and graduated from Sherman,” Ross says, “and being acutely aware of the division in the direction of the profession, I was hopeful that I could contribute to Sherman and help keep its mission and direction focused on vertebral subluxation-centered chiropractic.”

As a board member, Ross has learned to keep focused on the strategic plan. “If the strategic plan is not followed,” she says, “we will become a carbon copy of all other chiropractic colleges and not have an identity of our own. Patients want what we have to offer: the adjustment.”

In her leisure time during the summer, Ross enjoys jet skiing and kayaking, along with bicycling. Her winter activities are focused on athletic events. She holds season tickets for Notre Dame football and basketball, and she attends as many games as her schedule permits. Several of her neighborhood friends and a college roommate’s granddaughter are top notch high school and college players, so she takes in their games whenever she has the opportunity.

“A goal without a plan is a wish,” Ross says. “We need to celebrate the adjustment. If we develop and follow our strategic plan, we can and will be the leader in bringing straight, vertebral subluxation-centered chiropractic to the world.”


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