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Gordon BrownMeet the Trustees: Gordon Brown, D.C.

Gordon Brown  is a quiet, reflective and astute thinker, visionary, rebel and history maker. He continues to influence the course of chiropractic as an ex-officio member of the Sherman board of trustees.

Brown followed his father’s advice to find an occupation where he could be his own boss. In 1942 a quiet, serious student with a dry sense of humor earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from Palmer College. Destined to exert a powerful behind-the-scenes influence on the progress of the profession, he followed his heart and mind into a 30-year career of helping the members of his community experience more of their inborn potential for health.

Although initially sidetracked from private practice by the call of the United States Coast Guard, Brown went on to practice in Louisville, Kentucky, for two years and in Logansport, Indiana, for 29 years. He was awarded an International Chiropractors Association Fellowship and was instrumental in getting the laws changed in Indiana to allow chiropractors to practice there.

While a student, Brown served his internship in the BJ Palmer Clinic under the direction of Dr. Lyle Sherman. Inspired by Sherman’s vision of the value of chiropractic, Brown considered him a mentor and friend. Through the years, the Sherman and Brown families grew close and looked forward to seeing one another at Palmer Lyceum each year.

Alan Brewster and the Browns

Sherman Trustee Alan Brewster, D.C. '89, right,
presents a picture he bought on eBay of the Browns as a young couple,
which was originally given to BJ Palmer.

Gordon and his wife, Helen McPike Brown, have supported and contributed generously to Sherman College in many ways over the years. In 1993 they became members of the distinguished Board of Regents. In 1997, they made a generous estate commitment to the Sherman College Endowment Trust which was finalized in 1999.

The Browns donated their home in Sedona, AZ, to Sherman College and funds from the donation were used to construct the Brown House and Museum. This beautiful facility serves as an on-campus residence for the Browns as well as a meeting area and museum for the college.

The Browns’ donation is the largest gift-in-kind in the history of the college. However, the college community has received a far greater gift from the opportunity to get to know the Browns personally and to learn from their first-hand accounts of their involvement in shaping chiropractic history, their long-standing friendship with B.J. and the struggles they have fought to preserve and advance the profession.

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