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SpineTop 10 reasons to Attend Your Sherman Reunion

  • 10. To see if 50 year olds can still get into positions one and two
  • 9. To show off your vintage 4-color pen
  • 8. To re-enact your first-quarter Bagelfest song (Sing! Sing!)
  • 7. To see if you can still climb cardiac hill
  • 6. To see if it really IS a beautiful day at Sherman College

To be continued….


  • Sherman College Lyceum Reunion Weekend May 26, 27, 28, 2011
    Celebrating the 35th anniversary of our Pioneer Classes of 1976 and milestone anniversaries for graduates of 1981, ’86, ’91, ’96, ’01 and ‘06
  • Alumni Reunion Party, Friday, May 27, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Azalea Ballroom at the Marriott downtown Spartanburg
  • Contact Director of Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan for more information or to make your reservations for the party

Thank You for Your Service

Dr. Charles Love, Dr. Judy Ross, and Dr. Mary Ellen Rada have completed their terms of service on our Board of Trustees. Their efforts in steering the course of Sherman College's future are appreciated.

Meet the New Trustees:
Carson, Knowles & Kevorkian

Warren CarsonWarren J. Carson, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Warren J. Carson, Ph.D., of Tryon, NC, is a professor of English and associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of South Carolina -Upstate, where he has worked since 1984. He brings a wide range of leadership experience to Sherman College including elective office, a dozen years on a community college board of trustees with four years as chair, and a rich background in diversity advocacy. His Ph.D. is from USC, his M.A. from Clark Atlanta University and his A.B. from University of North Carolina. Read more...

Peter KevorkianRegent Peter J. Kevorkian, B.S., D.C.

As a frequent speaker at Sherman College’s Lyceum, New Beginnings Philosophy weekends, FSCO Triune Seminars, Massachusetts Chiropractic Society conventions and recently at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Peter J. Kevorkian, D.C., has received numerous awards throughout his career, including Sherman’s Chiropractor of the Year in 2009, an honor he shares with his wife, Regent Patti Giuliani, D.C. Read more ...

Daniel Knowles IIIRegent Daniel M. Knowles III, B.A., D.C., '96

Daniel Knowles, D.C., is a second generation chiropractor who has been caring for patients and training other doctors since 1996. He graduated with the Clinical Excellence Award from Sherman College and practiced privately in Spartanburg for two years before moving to Boulder, CO. He is certified in Network Spinal Analysis and was named Health Care Practitioner of the Year in 1998 in South Carolina. Read more...

Lyceum 2011

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Plenary Speakers

Ernie Landi
Dr. Ernie Landi
Rebecca Halstead
Brigadier General
Rebecca Halstead (ret.)
Bill DeMoss
Dr. Bill DeMoss


  • Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT)
  • Blair Technique
  • Gonstead Technique
  • Women in Chiropractic
  • The Three Ts of Pediatric Chiropractic


  • Georgia Law  
  • South Carolina Rules and Regulation
  • Risk Management - Precautions and Contraindications in a Chiropractic Clinical Setting
  • Easy no cost ways to boost your practice profit!
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Risk Management – Coding and Documentation  
  • Practice Start-up or Enhancement
  • How to build a High Volume, Low Overhead, Cash Practice and Have Fun doing it!
  • "The Top Ten Financial Mistakes that Most People Make" &
    "Duct Tape – Its Many Uses"


  • The Science of Chiropractic & Vertebral Subluxation  
  • Advanced Imaging Basics and Case Studies
  • Subluxation and the Neurology of Health


  • Proficiency in Chiropractic, Clinical and Communications Skills
  • Connections of Health
  • The Explosion of Childhood Illness
  • Infinite Principles

7th Annual South Carolina Upstate
Research Symposium

The following four submissions have been accepted at the 7th Annual South Carolina Upstate Research Symposium (, to be held on Friday, April 15 at Milliken & Company in Spartanburg.

  1. Delain R., McMasters K. L., Wang J., York J. and Hart J. Blood Pressure Changes in African American Patients Receiving Chiropractic Care from Chiropractic Interns: A Pilot Study.(platform presentation)
  2. Hart J. Temperature Readings of the Upper Neck and Health Perception (platform presentation)
  3. Luo P. G., Sun Y.-P., Luo J., and Liu J.-H. Cytotoxicity Studies of Carbon Nanoparticles (poster presentation)
  4. Wu G., Fleischier and S. Subcellular Localization of Ryanodine Receptor 3 in the Skeletal Muscle of the Mouse. (platform presentation)

Research Funding Available for VS-Based Research

Sherman College of Chiropractic has received a generous donation for faculty to do subluxation-related research.

Purpose: To promote and support research and scholarly activities at Sherman College 
Award: Each award is $1,000. 
Eligibility: Faculty member of Sherman College of Chiropractic
Selection Criteria:

  1. A submitted research proposal with: a) Background section on topic, b) detailed Methods section, and c) relevant literature citations from the scientific literature;
  2. Project should be subluxation-based;
  3. Project should be aimed at eventual publication in a peer-reviewed journal;
  4. Quality is judged by the Research Committee;
  5. Award of funding will be made when paper on project is completed.

In addition, funding can be used to purchase materials, equipment, etc. If you are interested, please contact the Research Department.

Thanks and Happy Research!

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Call for Abstracts

The eighth annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) on Vertebral Subluxation will be held on Sherman’s campus, October 22-23, 2011.  Abstracts can be submitted through June 1, 2011 with this form.

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If you are interested in landscape beautification, there are trees to be named. All tree donors will be recognized on a plaque that will hang in the Scallon Building.

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