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The Kids are All Right!

it must be cool to be a chiropractor

President Jon Schwartzbauer and Sherman PRIDE Mascot Larry the Lion visited the college’s neighboring Hendrix Elementary School on Guys Read Day to help inspire boys to take care of their health, in particular their spines. Read more

Enrollment Services Poised for Growth

Even before arriving on campus in February, Vice President for Enrollment Services Kelley Jones Ashcraft understood the importance of growing the Sherman College student population. She realized the urgency when she looked at the department's goals: 30 new students in winter quarter, 35 new students in summer and 45 new students in the fall!

As a result, the Enrollment Services department was restructured for effectiveness and efficiency. Kristy Shepherd has been promoted to director of admission. Read more...

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Your Sherman Reunion

epigram(Continued from last month)

5. To revive the FAC
(Friday Afternoon Club)
4. To see if your reciprocant can still toggle a tire like a champ
3. To give your friends a high pi
2. To brush up on BJ epigrams
1. To re-connect with like-minded people from the greatest profession in the world

Sherman College Lyceum Reunion Weekend May 26-28, 2011

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of our Pioneer Classes of 1976 and milestone anniversaries for graduates of 1981, ’86, ’91, ’96, ’01 and ‘06
Alumni Reunion Party, Friday, May 27, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Azalea Ballroom at the Marriott downtown Spartanburg, Contact Director of Alumni Relations Marggi Roldan for more information or to make your reservations for the party 800-849-8770 x.277

Tire toggle


ROAR for Sherman

Lyceum is around the corner, and the ROAR program is extra excited about the inaugural Is there more to ROAR? Fun, Networking, Learning, & Tailgating event. During this event, we plan to:

  • Cover the ins and outs of prospective student career sessions, hosted by ROAR members Drs. Gary and Cathie Padden. This portion is appropriately named Padden’s Pointers.
  • Talk with President Jon Schwartzbauer about leadership within the chiropractic community, as well as grooming future leaders in the field.
  • Get excited with ROAR member and Trustee Dr. Liam Schubel about sharing your passion and the vision of chiropractic.
  • Focus on the future of the ROAR program.
  • End with a great tailgating event filled with food, drinks, games and networking with other ROAR members and prospective students.

Rocking with the Road Warriors & Rowdy

Rowdy and CSG

Back Row L to R: Brandon Homes, Brandon Tester, Rowdy the Road Hog, Katelyn Niemiec, Allison Kyzer, and Rob Lezotte. Front Row L to R: Courtney Bond, Erikka Curia, Vanessa Watkins, Elizabeth Balwah, and Missy Sandor. Not pictured: Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer, Dr. Jared Sargent, Rana Sargent, and Arthur Brennan.

Sherman College and a local alumnus thanked student leaders with a skybox party at a recent Greenville Road Warriors game. The event was to show appreciation to selected students for their volunteerism and leadership at the college. 

Dr. Jared Sargent, ’05,  the official team chiropractor for the Greenville Road Warriors hockey team, was instrumental in planning the event. He, along with President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., provided the tickets to a playoff game and the chance to view it from a skybox.  Those in attendance were able to blow off a little stress from recent exams and receive advice from a successful grad. Some even watched their very first hockey game. Students invited included Lyceum team leaders, tour guides and student government officers. 

A native of New Jersey, Dr. Sargent owns a thriving clinic in Mauldin, SC, and has been able to parlay his love of hockey into becoming a vital addition to the Road Warriors team.

The Road Warriors are part of the East Coast Hockey League and have enjoyed success in their inaugural year in Greenville, SC. They are professionally affiliated with the NY Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League. 

World Wide Chiropractic, Here at Sherman

Three Continents Share Information

Inoue - Sweatt - Kenya

(l) Hiro Inoue, D.C., (m) Roy Sweat, D.C, and (r) Charles Kenya, D.C., are bringing chiropractic to the world. Chiropractors in Japan do not have the opportunity to take part in cadaver dissections. Dr. Inoue makes an effort each year to attend the Sweat Cervical, Brachial and Lumbar dissection seminars here at Sherman. He records the whole weekend seminar and translates it into Japanese to share with other chiropractors in Japan. This is one more way that Sherman helps chiropractic grow internationally. Dr. Sweat is from Atlanta, GA, and Sherman faculty member Dr. Kenya is from Kenya.

Visiting Faculty

David Russell, D.C., director of the Chiropractic Centre at the New Zealand Russell-schwartzbauerCollege of Chiropractic, stopped by for a visit here on his way to the ACC Research Agenda Conference. He toured our Health Center, commenting to Dr. Claudia Seay that it was "lovely, nice and roomy."   Dr. Russell and President Schwartzbauer are pictured here at ACC/RAC 2011.

Students Represent Sherman College
at WCCS in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 2-10.

Iafolla, Orvis, Sansbury
Jason Iafolla, Jonathan Orvis, Allie Sansbury

"Sherman College has a strong and important message that should always be present," says Allie Sansbury, 9th quarter student and WCCS member. "We bring something extremely valuable to WCCS." Sansbury accompanied Jonathan Orvis, Sherman WCCS president, and Jason Iafolla, past president.

The WCCS membership consists of 14,000 students from 23 chiropractic institutions world-wide, giving students and alumni a forum to "advance and unite the global chiropractic profession." Next year's congress will be held in Perth, Australia, at the Murdoch University, August 23-26, 2012.

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Call for Abstracts

The eighth annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS) on Vertebral Subluxation will be held on Sherman’s campus, October 22-23, 2011.  Abstracts can be submitted through June 1, 2011 with this form

Franklin Park Chiropractor Reveals: 47 Reasons
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An interview with
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Franklin park Chiropractor reveals 47 reasons to visit your chiropractor by Frank J Hahn

This book is a quick-tip guide geared toward the lay person, the current or future patients who come into your office. The guide starts out from pregnancy and giving birth, moves on to newborns through seniors and addresses something for everyone in between.

We take a common experience in life and describe how it affects the body, then give a tip or suggestion that will help.

Read more about Dr. Hahn...

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