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dR. s - lARRYThe Kids are All Right!

President Schwartzbauer and Sherman PRIDE Mascot Larry the Lion visited the college’s neighboring Hendrix Elementary School on Guys Read Day to help inspire boys to take care of their health, in particular their spines. 

"Dr. S" read from a children’s chiropractic book to a library room filled with second, third and fourth grade boys as part of a program called Guys Read Day.

Little Naite"I thoroughly enjoyed reading to the future generations of health care consumers and sharing chiropractic with them," said Dr. Schwartzbauer.  "Kids are quick to understand the importance of the nerve system and how chiropractic plays a vital role in optimal health. I wish I knew what they do now when I was in elementary school."

The students were also very excited to meet Larry the Lion, who made a dramatic entrance into the classroom with a spine and a bag of toys, including a pig that he pretended to eat.

This week the students responded with thank you letters and drawings to express their appreciation. Larry was a big hit, but "Dr. S" made a strong impression too. The book was Little Naite and the Superhero Within.


Here are some of the letters from the Hendrix Elementary Students:

Dear Dr. S

Larry, Dr. - Class

chiropractor teacher

dear larry








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