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Interview with Evan Fiedler, D.C., '95
Author of Come Run with Me

come Run with Me by Dr. Evan FiedlerIn the book Come Run with Me, Dr. Evan S. Fiedler combines his knowledge of running with a strong educational background to provide an interactive experience for runners of all levels.  

Fiedler is a 1995 graduate of Sherman who earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree in education from Grand Canyon University.  He granted Sherman an interview about his book.
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Dr. Fiedler and Come Run with Me

Dr. John HartJohn Hart Presents Poster at Dose Response

Dr. John Hart attended the 10th Annual Dose Response Conference at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst in April. Presentations focused on the body's response to various challenges. For example, a presenter from the Harvard Medical School pointed out how "the body is continuously refashioning itself at ever higher levels of complexity and integration - not just in spite of 'stressful' input from the outside but by way of that input."  

"The term 'complexity' in this context," Hart notes, "is very similar to the response of a thermal reading or leg length contracture that is changing, unpredictable, and considered as healthy in pattern theory." Following this presentation, the Harvard presenter seemed quite interested in Hart's explanation of pattern analysis theory in chiropractic.

Hart gave a poster presentation where he compared cancer death rates in high land elevation states to low land elevation states. Land elevation is a surrogate variable for natural background radiation (NBR); that is, as land elevation increases, so too does natural background radiation. Hart found that higher land elevation states tended to have lower cancer mortality rates compared to lower land elevation states, suggesting the presence of radiation hormesis.

Hart comments that radiation dose response appears to follow the shape of a hockey stick, where high levels of radiation are obviously harmful, while there appears to be a range at low radiation levels where a slightly higher level in this low radiation level range (Colorado NBR for example) might actually provide a protective effect compared to the lower level in the low radiation range (coastal areas at sea level for example). Hart's full report is available in the journal Dose Response at: 

Stephen Shortt Donates Chiropractic Art Prints to Sherman College

Stephen Shortt, whose artwork has appeared on the covers of leading chiropractic magazines, is donating two prints to Sherman College.

american Chiropractorflorida chiropractorchiro Economics

“I am interested in the history of chiropractic; I have read about D.D. Palmer and how he was led to chiropractic work and about B.J’s role in promoting the profession,” says Shortt in an interview from Canadian Chiropractor magazine. “I simply find that the shapes of bones in the spinal column are visually beautiful and, so, the chiropractic paintings that I have produced are an artist’s rendering of the spine, and not necessarily an anatomical depiction.” 

According to Maria DiDanieli:  "With the use of texture and dimension, Shortt produces images which, at the same time, evoke an awarness of a universal power while sharply focusing on the reality of individual potential for health – or suffering. One is made to feel that this is actually a choice – to be alone or part of a whole, to be well or succumb to the evil of disease. Each piece has the quality of a dream while heightening the participant’s awareness of being human. "

Shortt is making prints of his paintings available to Sherman alumni and friends at a greatly reduced price to support the college and to make his work more affordable.   

Jon at MMACSherman Meets Kzoo for Some Philosophy

by Admission Representative Daria Winnicka

Last weekend I had the distinct honor of introducing our president, Dr. Jon Schwartzbauer, to his colleagues at the Michigan Association of Chiropractors Convention. The title of his talk during this spring event in Kalamazoo (Kzoo), Philosophical Principles of Chiropractic, is actually what inspired me to write the introduction. When considering some of the proposed changes in healthcare today, I believe both our chiropractic philosophy and our overall view of health are exactly what distinguish chiropractic from other health professions.

I made it a point to mention that I loved working at Sherman College because it is one place where chiropractic lives. Our students love chiropractic and live it every day. I finished Dr. Schwartzbauer’s introduction by sharing how thrilled I am that we have sessions (at chiropractic conventions) like this one because they remind us all why we were CHOSEN to be part of this profession.

CollegeTown CSI Volunteers

CollegeTown Participants

Clockwise starting from left: Karianne Hart, Jen Santos, Sandy  Martin, Casey Bogart, Melanie Pelletier, Monica Friske

Sherman College was represented by six students at the CSI: CollegeTown Service Initiative event on April 16. CSI is a project of the CollegeTown consortium, a collaboration of the City of Spartanburg and the institutions of higher education in Spartanburg County: Converse College, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg Methodist College, Spartanburg Community College, the University of South Carolina Upstate, and Wofford College.

Sandra Martin, of Eau Claire, MI, was a baseball player's buddy for the Carolina Miracle League, which provides recreational activities for children with disabilities. Sherman College sponsors one of the baseball teams for the league. "By participating in CSI, I learned that small doings can lead to big prizes," says Martin, "Just showing up to hold a child's hand may have led to a few referrals to the health center."

Jen Santos of Petaluma, CA, worked with Karianne Hart of Latta, SC, sorting clothing at the Children's Home. "I thought it would be fun and a good opportunity to see around the town," says Santos. "There is a huge need for more help at the Children's Home." 

"Volunteering reminds students of what is actually important: the people,” says Hart. "The chiropractic profession is for helping and serving people." 

Monica Friske of Bristol, TN, laid mulch at Cleveland Park, the site of a recent tragedy involving the death of a child. She wanted "to shed light on this beautiful park to help take away the darkness that shadows it." She plans to work with agencies in her community when she starts her practice, working with the local soup kitchen and health care clinics.

Melanie Pelletier of Van Buren, ME, and Casey Bogart of Alma, MI, helped with the annual Plant Sale fundraiser at Hatcher Gardens. "The people were so friendly and excited about gardening and spending time outside," says Bogart. 

Pelletier says, "Hatcher Gardens is one of the places I visited with my husband when we came down to check out Sherman. It is a good feeling when I give back to the community."

All the volunteers agreed that being an active part of a community is necessary for a successful chiropractic practice. Bogart summed up the overall sentiment: "The ability to better my community through the promotion of health was one of the main things that drew me to chiropractic."

Enrollment Services
Working Hard for Summer Quarter

Enrollment Services staff were excited to enroll 25 new students in this year’s winter quarter. With just two short months before the start of the summer quarter, we look forward to an academically prepared and diverse group of new students who will begin their pursuits July 11. We are equally optimistic about fall quarter enrollment, so you can see the Admission Office is always working to grow the college!

In next month’s Sherman Shares newsletter, we’ll introduce you to a new employee who will fill the admission and event coordinator position. This person will be charged with widening and enhancing the campus visitor experience as well as proactively managing our prospective student database.

Lyceum offers more opportunities for attracting students. On Friday night, 30 ROAR doctors will join Dr. Jaime Browning for training in recruiting students and promoting their practices, followed by a tailgate party on campus.

The Career Day event on Saturday already has 47 prospective students signed up. In addition to a campus tour, guests will visit a mock adjusting class, meet current Sherman students, have their transcripts evaluated, and get advice from our financial aid staff. Feedback from tours and previous Career Days shows that getting prospective students on campus and letting them feel the Sherman Pride is a critical factor for enrollment.

Don’t underestimate the critical role doctors in the field play in enrollment! Many current students were referred by a practicing chiropractor. Doctors who know someone interested in becoming a chiropractor, can let us know at ../1forms/refer-student.asp, and we’ll be happy to send information. Keeping enrollment up at Sherman helps ensure the future of the chiropractic profession!

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Vitalistics Play Lyecum
ROAR Lyceum event will include

  • Paddens' Pointers
  • Leadership with the President
  • Passion and Vision with the Schubelnator
  • Future plans in ROAR
  • Tailgating Madness

Our ROAR event is followed by hypnotist Gabriel Holmes, then music and entertainment with the Vitalistics. A cash bar will be available, and ROAR members will receive two complimentary beverage tickets.

**If you do not plan to attend Lyceum but want to attend the free ROAR event, please contact Dr. Jaime Browning at 800-849-8771, ext 220 or

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Lyceum Roar
CE Opportunities
Lyceum 2011

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