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Laura Lamm, Perry Rush, Bob Irwin
Dr. Laura Lamm, Dr. Perry Rush, Dr. Bob Irwin

Dr. Perry Rush Retires

After more than three decades as a full-time faculty member, Sherman Associate Professor Perry O. Rush, D.C., announced his retirement at the end of the spring quarter. A 1976 "pioneer" Sherman graduate, Rush joined the college in 1980 as a faculty member and has dedicated his many years at the college to teaching upper cervical courses, particularly in the Blair technique.

Perry & Vicki"After much consideration, Vicki and I have decided that it is time for us to begin a new chapter," Rush said in his announcement to campus.

"The decision to leave has not been easy. We will miss our Sherman family but look forward to that new chapter. I will still be close by putting my energy into my practice and supporting my career-long interest in the upper cervical subluxation and the Blair work for which I was recruited many years ago. What a great thing to have been associated with so many good people all these years."

Sherman President Jon Schwartzbauer, D.C., a former student of Rush, said, "Dr. Perry Rush has been an inspiration to so many Sherman students, including me. He has turned many students and doctors on to specific chiropractic, particularly Blair work. He will be missed greatly, and we wish him the best as he focuses on his family and his practice."

Rush said working at Sherman has given him the opportunity "to promote the power of a specific adjustment of the vertebral subluxation unknown to so many." I will miss teaching the upper cervical rationale and Blair classes. Those courses kept my fire going."

He also shared thanks for his family for their support through the years: "To my wife and children, I give special thanks for giving up so much for me to take this important journey."

Colleague and Dean of Clinical Sciences Joe Donofrio, D.C., describes Rush as steady, reliable and consistent. "His philosophy and appreciation of the upper cervical spine has not swerved one inch since he began here," Donofrio said.

teachingAfter Rush announced the news, many colleagues, alumni and friends shared their sentiments and good wishes via Facebook:

"You have been a great role model and mentor to countless numbers of chiropractors. You have impacted our profession in so many ways, some of which you may never know. God bless you and your family."
--Ron Castellucci, D.C., Sherman faculty

"You made Sherman the place it is. Best of luck to you – you have earned it."
--Brian Dooley, D.C., ’05

"Congratulations, Dr. Rush, and enjoy! Taking your Blair Class was definitely one the highlights for me at Sherman. You have sent so many Sherman students onto successful practices... changing the lives of thousands and thousands of people!"
--Matthew Stralka, D.C., ’97

Bear carving"Thank you so much for your service and dedication to Sherman and the students/doctors who had the pleasure of learning from you. You are a great teacher and doctor!"
--Adam Tedder, D.C., ’10

"Big Brother, you have always been my hero. I love you and am excited for your new adventure!"
--Valerie Rush Severe

"I was looking so forward to having you as a professor soon. You made a tremendous difference on my outlook toward chiropractic while I was under your care."
--Gabriela Baumgartner, future chiropractic student

"I am sad to see you leave but know that you will be happy in your next chapter. It was because of you and your classes that I chose to become an upper cervical chiropractor. I want to thank you for everything you have done for the profession and me personally!
--Michael Knecht, D.C., ’11

"Perry, I am so happy for you. My personal time in your practice and learning Blair from you has been a blessing for me and the people I serve. I utilize your teachings everyday and will never forget your great dried bananas! I am grateful that you were still at Sherman while I was there!
--David Serio, D.C., ’99

Rush & Knecht"You will be missed here on campus. You have inspired us all to become better chiropractors."
--Arthur Brennan, current Sherman student

"Congratulations, Perry, and much happiness in your retirement! You'll have plenty more time for turning on the power!"
--Gwen Gardner, D.C., ’88, Penn Straight

"Thank you for your many years of service to the school. I can't even imagine the number of students whose lives you've changed, impacting the lives of their patients as well! Whew, that's A LOT of lives! You are the reason I became an upper cervical doctor, and I can never thank you enough for that."
--Christine Theodossis, D.C., ’10

"You are one of the best teachers and mentors at Sherman. Thank you for everything. Good luck and many blessings in your future plans."
--Nylsa Correa, D.C., ’99

"Wow! Dr. Rush!! You have such a heart and dedication to the profession of chiropractic that I know in whatever capacity you commit yourself, the world will be a better place! Blessings to you."
--Jackie McKool, D.C., ’02

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